Whip Up Homemade Hot Chocolate In A Flash With One Kitchen Gadget

The smell of hot chocolate bubbling up in the kitchen is as compelling as a warm blanket. Just the thought of those smooth, chocolatey flavors: It's impossible to resist. For that inevitable day when you whip up a batch of the world's best hot chocolate, remember that it doesn't have to be a lengthy process. It's easy to make homemade hot cocoa in a flash with just one simple kitchen gadget: A milk frother.

There are many different varieties of milk frothers, but they are all extremely versatile. From handheld wands to countertop machines, each was literally made for jobs just like this. For one, these tools bring a nice, frothy texture to any variety of milk. Simply stirring things together in a pot won't give you those thick, rich, and extra-bubbly qualities that milk frothers lend. 

Velvety texture aside, homemade hot chocolate can also be ready in half the time with a countertop or pitcher-style milk frother. Whether you prefer to make your hot chocolate with semi-sweet chips, syrups, or otherwise, there's no need to wait for your stove to heat up. With these frothers, you can simply pour your ingredients in, press a button, and the mixing and heating will begin. Countertop-style frothers also make for much less cleanup. There's no need to bring out any spoons or pots if you have one of these in your tool kit. Additionally, these tools also require much less energy than stovetops, so your wallet will be happy, too.

Reasons to reach for the wand

For those with wand-style frothers, you're also in luck. Not all milk frothers are the same, but they all bring something good to the table. For example, while you'll still need to use a separate pot to heat up the milk with a wand milk frother, the elevated textures achieved by the tool make the extra dish worth it. This tool is a great choice for those who prefer to do things the classic way: On the stovetop. Compared to the thin textures achieved by only simmering your mixture on the stove, hot cocoa that's elevated with a wand frother will taste truly café quality. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, frothed milk made by all styles of this tool is simply known to taste better, and it's a fact proven by science. While stovetops can only provide heat for your hot cocoa, milk frothers also bring the benefit of air. This extra element makes for a rich foam texture as air bubbles make for an extra bouncy cup of milk. Plus, the melted lactose that comes from heating the milk also makes the milk lend a much sweeter taste.

So no matter what you use in your recipe for homemade hot chocolate, use one of these machines to make it and see how it tastes. For those who have yet to jump onto the milk frother trend, there are many do-it-yourself methods to create this gadget with things you already have around your kitchen.

A few ideas for some DIY milk frothers

To get some hot chocolate fast, you don't always need a totally new milk frother in hand. Try out a few of these DIY methods and see how they compare before investing in a new gadget. 

For starters, shaking some milk in a jar can be the perfect DIY milk frother. To try this method, you'll first need a microwave. Say what you will about this kitchen gadget, it gets the job done quickly. Start by heating up a mug of milk in the microwave. Once it's been warmed, remove the mug and pour the milk into a glass jar. Screw the lid on tightly and shake the milk until it bubbles up. (You may want to wrap a towel around the jar to avoid a scorched hand.) Now pour the ingredients for your hot chocolate into the mug and cover it with the shaken milk. Stir, and within a few seconds, your hot chocolate will be ready to drink.

If you prefer something more powerful, an electric mixer is practically just a large milk frother, so this option works well, too. A blender also uses the same science to give milk those desirable rich qualities, so this method is also fair game. While these gadgets will not lend the exact same texture that a traditional milk frother would, they'll certainly be the next best thing, so don't be afraid to give them a shot. If all else fails, genuine milk frothers are always available for purchase.