Serve Your Tuna Salad In An Avocado For An Extra Layer Of Creaminess

Move over avocado toast: There's a new obsession ready to be unleashed on the masses. This one skips the excess carbs and the bread altogether, packing a punch of protein that makes this potential food trend perfect for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, as well as diabetic people who have to be careful with their carbohydrate intake. We're talking about stuffing whole avocados with tuna salad.  

Not only is this concoction remarkably nutritious and simple to throw together, but it's also super practical. Avocado halves make the perfect little bowls for tuna salad, after all. They've even got a built-in wrapper of sorts, so you might get away with skipping the plate if you want to save on washing dishes. While these factors are all excellent reasons to try something new, we haven't even skimmed the surface. Tuna salad-stuffed avocadoes are incredibly tasty, too! The creaminess of the avocado is the perfect complement to tuna's flaky protein, while its nutty, buttery, and somewhat earthy flavor draws out an extra level of savoriness from the canned fish.

How to pair avocado with tuna salad

While you certainly can make the same old tuna salad to put inside your avocado halves, there's a good chance you may be inspired to switch your standard recipe up a little bit. The creamy, green non-veggie (they're berries) goes so well with lime and cilantro that you can't go wrong with adding both to tuna salad. Or, consider squeezing the lime juice directly onto the avocado and garnishing the whole thing with cilantro. This would also be the perfect time to break out some zesty lime-flavored mayo.

Another fun option is packing avocado halves with a sweet and spicy tuna salad. This recipe is easy to achieve with a little hot sauce and sugar. From there, you can add some diced carrots and cucumbers to your tuna salad for extra veggies and crunch. If you're on the go, this is the kind of entree you could make without much fuss. Grab a bag of avocados and a few flavored tuna packets from the grocery store, and you've got the makings for a quick lunch even while on the road.

Other breadless ways to serve tuna salad

If you want to step it up a notch, try serving tuna salad on grilled avocadoes. However, if avocadoes aren't your ideal vessel for creating the perfect stuffed snack, we have other options for serving tuna salad without the bread. 

Tuna salad-stuffed tomatoes are another fantastic option, especially if you want something acidic instead of creamy. This option will be messier, but it will also be incredibly delicious. If you're craving something crunchier, tuna salad-stuffed cucumbers should be right up your alley. Another version of this vegetable-forward dish involves serving tuna salad in bell pepper halves. Or, you can try this route with mini sweet peppers.

The list of possible veggies that could hold tuna salad honestly feels endless. Whether you choose to go with avocado bowls for your tuna salad or try out something different, you'll end up with an easy, low-carb, and gluten-free bite to eat.