Aldi Just Announced It's Slashing Prices For Thanksgiving Meal Staples

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it's time to start making plans for all your holiday dinner details. Who will host this year? Do you let Uncle John attempt to cook after last year's deep-fried turkey explosion? And, most importantly, where will you shop for ingredients in preparation for the big day? Before you make your shopping list and set aside a massive budget for your holiday meal, you might want to check out Aldi's latest promise to customers.

In an October 18 press release, Aldi announced that it will offer major discounts on more than 70 traditional Thanksgiving staples and ingredients =to help families save money. The grocery chain's president, Dave Rinaldo, shared in a statement that the company understands how difficult providing a Thanksgiving meal can be on families. "With inflation still looming, we're providing shoppers extra relief to make the holidays a time for celebration, not stress ... Aldi is delivering big savings on key items so there's always room for more guests." 

Beginning on November 1, Aldi will offer up to 50% off Thanksgiving meal essentials, such as mashed potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin pie. With 2,313 locations across the U.S., Aldi serves more than 30 million shoppers each month. It might be worth paying a quarter to use a shopping cart and wandering through Aldi's aisles in search of holiday savings.

This Thanksgiving, get ready for some serious savings if you head to Aldi

More than 90% of people in the United States gather on Thanksgiving to share a meal with their loved ones. But with inflation continuously increasing the cost of goods, many families may not be able to accommodate all of their invited guests. According to an October 11 Statista report, "the average price of ingredients for a 10-person Thanksgiving dinner amounted to $46.90." As the costs of grocery staples continued to rise, last year's meal average saw almost a $20 increase, costing an average of $64.05 to feed 10 people, per the Farm Bureau. Many are anticipating that this year will see another price hike on everything from turkey to cranberry sauce.

This isn't the first time Aldi has provided shoppers with financial relief around the holidays. Last year, the company matched tons of holiday essentials to 2019 prices in an attempt to offer savings while inflation soared. This year, the savings continue as Aldi once again plans to discount everything from baking essentials to charcuterie fixings. Examples of discounts provided in the press release include a $1 discount on staples, such as butter, and more than $2 off pricier items, including brie cheeses and brioche rolls.

Aldi's holiday discounts will last through the end of the year, so fans can take advantage of the savings all season long.