Here's What You'll Find In Costco's Giant Thanksgiving Meal Kit

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year, when people sit down for a delicious meal and hang out with their loved ones. However, the holiday can also be stressful. If you're already dreading prepping and cooking Thanksgiving turkey this year, Costco might have you covered. In fact, the wholesale retailer is offering a precooked entire Thanksgiving meal that can be delivered straight to your door.

Ringing in at $200, the Thanksgiving meal kit serves around eight people and includes classic desserts like a whole apple pie and Costco's fan-favorite pumpkin pie. There's also plenty of food to fill up your table on the savory side including the main stars: the five-pound Amish farm-raised Turkey breast and a two-pound tray of stuffing. The other savory dishes included in the meal kit are Thanksgiving classics, such as the one and a half pounds of mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, a tray of classic mac n' cheese, green beans, sweet corn, cranberry relish, and a dozen light and fluffy dinner rolls.

How to get a Costco Thanksgiving meal

Costco's Thanksgiving meal can be purchased on the store's website and is currently available for pre-order. To receive your meal kit on time for Thanksgiving, the store recommends that you order before November 5. 

All of the food is shipped precooked and frozen, meaning that you may have to clear out some freezer space before it arrives, especially if you order early. Shipping takes around two to three business days and is done through FedEx two-day air to ensure your food arrives perfectly frozen and ready to store. The cost of shipping this entire table of food is included in the sticker price.

If you want to make your Thanksgiving both delicious and worry-free, ordering this entire family meal from the warehouse grocer could be a great way to go. However, it's not the only option. If you'd like to make homemade sides but want to save time and stress on the bird, you can also consider buying Costco's bacon-wrapped turducken with Italian sausage stuffing. The turkducken comes pre-seasoned and only requires thawing and baking. Plus, it can also be delivered straight to your door.