Make Omelets Easy By Pouring Those Eggs Right In Your Waffle Iron

Starting your morning with an omelet is a great way to build up your energy for the day. The meal packs in the protein with eggs, and you can also add meat, cheese, and vegetables to get even more vitamins and nutrients. When making the perfect omelet, recipes require pouring the eggy mixture into a pan and cooking it on the stovetop. Instead of getting out a frying pan, one other kitchen tool can help you cook up the perfect omelet: The waffle iron.

As your waffle iron preheats, mix up your eggs and desired omelet fillings in a separate bowl with a whisk or fork. Once the iron has heated up, brush over the inner surface of the waffle iron with a little bit of butter or oil to prevent any sticking. Pour the mix into the iron, close the lid, and allow it to cook. You'll know the omelet waffle is ready to eat once the eggs are firm with no runniness. 

What to include in your omelet

When whisking up your omelet ingredients, you'll want to choose smaller fillings that will be easier to fit in between the grid of the waffle iron. Diced vegetables, bacon bits, powdered seasonings, and shredded cheese are all great options. Larger additions — like hunks of breakfast sausage or broccoli florets — may make it difficult for the waffle iron to close all the way, which could cause an uneven cook on the egg.

If you do want to pair those larger ingredients with your dish, set them aside to save for after your omelet waffle has cooked. You can season the eggs with just a little salt and pepper and cook the larger ingredients separately. Then, garnish the omelet waffle with them once it's out of the iron. You can then plate the waffle-shaped omelet and top it off with a savory sauce before digging in.

There are other ways to eat the omelet waffles

While your omelet waffle will be delicious when eaten on its own, it could also make a great protein for the center of your breakfast sandwich. While your omelet is cooking in the waffle iron, make two perfect slices of toast and place the eggy waffle between them. Top it off with a little cheese or a few slices of bacon, and you'll have an easy on-the-go breakfast.

Or, if you want to get creative, you can use the omelet waffles as a protein-packed base for breakfast tacos. Fold the cooked omelets in half and fill the center with your desired toppings.

The next time you're craving an omelet, put away the pan and grab your waffle iron instead. The savory take on the breakfast food will make for a quick and easy meal that can be enjoyed in a few different ways.