Ice Cream Cake Walked So That Ice Cream Lasagna Could Run

Nothing accompanies a celebration better than a slice of cake and a scoop of ice cream, except for maybe the combination of both. Ice cream cake is a beloved classic for a reason — it even has a national holiday on June 27 each year. Some historians believe that the trend of adding ice cream to cake originated in England amongst wealthy dessert lovers who combined cake and biscuits with ice cream and slices of fresh fruit, although the inspiration for ice cream cake can be seen all throughout history in layered confections like the trifle. 

These days, ice cream cake is most commonly enjoyed in North America at celebratory events like children's birthday parties. Ice cream franchise Carvel brought ice cream cakes into the mainstream back in the 1970s when they introduced Fudgie the Whale, an ice cream cake with chocolate and vanilla ice cream separated by a layer of crunchy cookie, decorated and shaped like a chocolate whale with an adorable smile.

But even innovative ice cream cakes can start to feel like old news after a while, especially when the process of baking each layer of cake and cooling entirely before assembling the ice cream layers and decorating the entire thing is extremely time-consuming. Luckily, creative dessert lovers have found a way to take everything you love about ice cream cake and transform it into an even more surprising dessert: ice cream lasagna. Say goodbye to the cheesy, saucy pasta dish you know and say hello to stacks of sweet, frozen goodness.

Turn your favorite flavor of ice cream into a multi-layered servable treat

We think the only thing more unique than an ice cream cake is an ice cream lasagna. Unlike traditional lasagna, which commonly consists of pasta sheets, soft cheeses, and meaty red sauce, dessert lasagnas can take on the flavors of all your favorite ice creams. But unlike classic lasagna recipes, assembling an ice cream lasagna is extremely simple and only consists of a few store-bought ingredients.

No need to agonize over a hot oven to bake layers of cake as traditional ice cream cake recipes call for; grab your favorite type of ice cream sandwich, a few tubs of Cool Whip, and the toppings and syrups of your choice. Begin by laying down a layer of ice cream sandwiches into a casserole dish. Keep in mind you may have to divide the sandwiches to make an even bottom layer. Then, add a layer of syrup or spread on top. 

AllRecipes posted a TikTok of their innovative ice cream lasagna with large helpings of melted peanut butter, cool whip, and Reese's candies in between each ice cream sandwich layer. When assembling, don't worry too much about exact quantities. While baking is a careful art of measuring, this recipe allows you to add as much or as little of each ingredient as your heart desires. 

These ice cream treats are deceptively delicious

Ice cream lasagna might sound out of this world, but it's really just the tip of the iceberg. Ice cream lovers have experimented with wacky flavor combinations like pizza, bagels, and even macaroni and cheese. While venturing into savory flavor territory isn't unheard of, some chefs prefer to serve traditionally sweet flavors in not-so-traditional ways. For example, ice cream spaghetti is a sweet dish that looks exactly like a savory plate of spaghetti, complete with red strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream noodles. 

This dish is extremely popular in Germany, known as spaghettieis to locals. Or, you could try a slice of ice cream pizza: A cookie crust filled with delicious ice cream and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles to create this sweet pizza pie. If you're dying to try it for yourself, ice cream retailer Baskin Robbins has added a Polar Pizza to their permanent menu.

If you're full of Italian food-shaped ice cream, try the frozen version of classic comfort food. TikToker @kylekruegerr got their hands on the viral $100 bucket of fried chicken created by Life Raft Treats. But the shocking price tag is a clue that this crunchy meal is not what it seems: The entire treat, including the chocolate bone and flaky waffle cone chicken skin, is entirely made up of ice cream. Definitely prepare for a mouthful of chilly and creamy goodness.