McDonald's 'Monster Mac' Hack Is A Serious Food Challenge If You're Up For It

McDonald's may have started with only nine menu items in 1940, but today, their menu is mouth-wateringly extensive. Whether you're in the mood for a breakfast McGriddle, a classic Big Mac, or a new promotional item, customers can rely on the McDonald's menu to satisfy their cravings morning, noon, and night. (If the ice cream machine isn't broken that day.) But for some curious customers, the regular McDonald's menu is only the beginning –- recently, people have taken to social media to share their McDonald's hacks for scoring secret menu items. While some are as harmless as subbing a patty for extra cheese for a vegetarian-friendly sandwich, one secret menu item towers above all others: the Monster Mac.

The Monster Mac takes the Big Mac you know and love and stacks six more patties within its three buns, totaling eight patties on one burger. Hungry customers who have taken a chance on this massive meal struggle to balance these patties on the bottom bun of a Big Mac, let alone attempt to take a bite around this monstrously meaty creation. This Big Mac hack is definitely not for those looking for a light lunch or to save a few bucks.

How to order the 'Monster Mac'

TikToker @theglasssniper shared his review of this epic burger stacked eight patties high and gave it a ranking to match. According to the user, this burger will run you $11, but the burst of cheesy, meaty goodness might be worth it. If a Big Mac isn't enough burger for you, the Monster Mac secret menu item might be worth a trip through the drive-thru. However, while the aforementioned TikToker simply asked for the "Monster Mac" at his local McDonald's drive-thru window, you may have to be more specific when ordering, as not every employee will be privy to the latest secret menu trend. To order a Monster Mac, ask for a Big Mac with the number of extra patties you want. You may also have to assemble it yourself by ordering three double cheeseburgers and layer in the extra patties between your Big Mac, although we aren't sure what to do with all those extra buns.

While the company has never made any official confirmation that a secret menu exists, users on social media continue to share their McDonald's menu hacks. One TikToker back in July 2023 secured a Monster Mac after simply asking nicely, confirming that certain locations are still willing to accommodate this massive request. Keep in mind that not all locations may allow employees to make drastic modifications to menu items, and if they do, you'll definitely be forking over a chunk of change for all the extra patties.

This is how McDonald's employees hack the menu

The Monster Mac, the Land, Sea, and Air Burger, the McGrilled Cheese ... we've heard legends of them all. But you probably haven't heard of some of the masterful recipes that McDonald's employees are cooking up after hours. A popular Reddit thread called r/McLounge is for McDonald's employees to ask questions, share customer horror stories, and inquire about menu offerings at far-away locations. One Reddit user asked fellow employees what their favorite super secret recipes are to prepare for themselves and working employees during breaks and overnight shifts. According to the thread, most menu hacks customers ask for are "just multiple sandwiches stacked up on each other." But full access to the McD's grill and ingredients means hungry employees often discover creative new ways to enjoy meals that can't be found anywhere on the menu.

One of the top comments was a complete recipe for McMeatloaf, which combines "two or more quarter patties, one packet of sugarless oatmeal, about five big squirts of Ketchup, grill seasoning, minced or slivered onions, and an egg." Other employees shared recipes for jam-covered "donuts" made out of hamburger buns, breakfast Big Macs with the works long after breakfast is no longer served, and even their attempts at recreating the ever-elusive McDonald's snack wrap. While non-employees may never get to experience the creative culinary excellence that goes on behind the scenes at our local McDonald's, at least we can still ask for a Monster Mac.