The Creative Way To Transform Frozen Tortellini Into A Ridiculously Fun Meal

Whether it's a rainy day or you just can't be bothered to go to the store, frozen tortellini is a great staple to have stashed away. However, this time, instead of following the tedious path of serving it in a bowl with a sauce, why not change things up? You may have considered frying tortellini like dumplings, but skewering them elevates their taste and presentation. This is a reminder that food can be playful, regardless of age.

With tortellini skewers, you can get as creative as you'd like — and the overall process is simple. Boil frozen tortellini until cooked, drain, and allow the tortellini to cool before threading them onto the skewers. Then, layer the tortellini skewers with different raw or cooked vegetables, meat, or cheese. Serve with a pasta sauce drizzled over the top or placed on the side as a dip; how you create these skewers is limited only by your imagination. One thing is certain: These handhelds are a fantastic way to please a crowd.

Tortellini skewers aren't just for kids

Before you get too excited about the extras you could pair with your tortellini, we have some pre-skewer business to discuss first. First, it can be tricky to tell when stuffed pasta is cooked through, especially when it's previously frozen, so make sure you know how long this step will take. After all, you do not want overly soggy pasta that won't thread onto the skewers. Next, after the tortellini have been cooked and drained, the best way to cool them is on a big tray lined with a baking sheet. This prevents the tortellini from sticking together, and the risk of them splitting will be avoided.

After they've thoroughly cooled, you can start building the skewers. As a rule of thumb, choosing chunky ingredients you know will remain on the skewers is best. However, you can fold herbs and thin slices of meat before skewering; this will prevent them from being easily torn off.

If you want to prepare tortellini skewers in advance, prepare the pasta 24 hours before serving. Then, store them in the refrigerator — tightly wrapped — to ensure the pasta doesn't dry out. You can prepare the skewers ahead of time, too, but be mindful of the shelf life of your other ingredients.

Other ingredients to complete your tortellini skewers

Playful, colorful, and a guaranteed delicious time, these skewers can be adapted to any mood, season, or occasion. For summer, consider making antipasto tortellini skewers with cheese or meat tortellini, cured meats, olives, fresh mozzarella balls, and canned semi-dried tomatoes. Serve with a balsamic dressing or pesto vinaigrette for a buffet lunch or warm evening appetizer.

On cold days, serve spinach tortellini skewers with a warm marinara sauce. This finger food can be comforting, too. If your skewers are destined for the grill, choose veggies that will char nicely and hold up to the heat, like thick-sliced zucchini or eggplant wedges.

Tortellini skewers also provide a great way to cater to allergies or intolerances; store-bought tortellini can be gluten-free, egg-free, vegetarian, and vegan. This is ideal when you're serving a group but are uncertain about individual dietary preferences or needs. The next time frozen tortellini feels like a tedious meal, get creative! Everyone at your table is sure to find them delightful.