Upgrade Your Chocolate Chip Cookies And Mix In Some Cereal

Cookies and cereal may seem like an unlikely pairing, but when they come together, the result is a delightful treat. You might already be familiar with the TikTok trend of turning mini cookies into cereal, but there's another mouthwatering way to blend these two culinary delights: incorporating breakfast cereal into your chocolate chip cookies.

A classic chocolate chip cookie is undeniably delicious but sometimes lacks that satisfying crunch. Cereal can be the secret ingredient to add that extra texture. Chefs have long extolled the virtues of incorporating different textures into desserts. As Chef Louis Tikaram shared with Nation's Restaurant News, "Desserts are inherently sweet, so achieving a balance of textures is crucial. We all know that a crispy exterior and a gooey interior are a match made in dessert heaven."

Some donut chains have already harnessed the delectable crunchiness that breakfast cereal can bring to desserts. With the growing popularity of gourmet cookie shops, it's time for you to become a cookie alchemist. This simple hack can elevate your basic chocolate chip cookies into something extraordinary.

How to add cereal to your chocolate chip cookie dough

While adding your favorite cereal to your trusted chocolate chip cookie dough recipe may seem straightforward, there are some tips to ensure the best flavor and crunch. First, select a cereal that provides ample crunch without being overly dense. You want the cereal to complement the cookie rather than overpower it. Consider options like cornflakes or crispy rice cereal; both offer a simple crunch without weighing down the cookies.

When incorporating the cereal, add it along with the chocolate chips after mixing the dough, and gently stir by hand to combine. If you're using a mixer for the rest of the process, avoid adding the cereal with the dry ingredients, as this can crush the cereal.

Additionally, ensure that the cereal is fresh. Avoid using leftover cereal from the bottom of the box without tasting it first, as stale cereal can spoil an otherwise perfect cookie. Lastly, enjoy these cookies within the first few days to savor their maximum texture and flavor. Cookies with cereal are at their best when consumed within the initial three days if stored at room temperature.

Creative chocolate chip cookie and cereal combos to try

Once you've mastered the basic technique and experimented with cornflakes and crispy rice cereal, let your creativity run wild with various combinations. The baking aisle now offers an array of creative chips, including peanut butter, butterscotch, and even cream cheese. Pair these with different cereals for exciting flavors. For example, try marshmallow cereal and graham cereal with classic chocolate chips for a s'mores-inspired cookie, or combine fruity cereal with white chocolate chips for a delightful contrast. You can even use cinnamon chips and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to achieve a snickerdoodle-like flavor. Remember, the crunchier, the better!

While the cereal and baking aisles provide plenty of inspiration, don't forget to explore recipes from cereal companies. Many of these companies offer tried-and-true recipes that incorporate cereal into cookies and other treats. It's a win-win situation, as they're eager for you to enjoy their cereal in new and delicious ways.