Bibigo Crispy Dumpling Bites Review: Should You Stock Up On These Korean-Inspired Frozen Foods?

Bibigo has been producing authentic Korean cuisine since 1953. Its name comes from a mashup of the Korean word for "mix," which is "bib," and the word "go." These packaged foods are inspired by harmony and balance between nutrition, flavor, texture, and color. Each product is tasty, unique, and, above all, convenient.

Its newest offerings are decadent Korean-inspired dumplings that don't require the mess or hassle of pan-frying. These Crispy Dumpling Bites are available in two authentic flavors: Crispy Dumpling Bites Bulgogi Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Sauce and Crispy Dumpling Bites Spicy Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Sauce. The dumplings are ready in minutes in a microwave, toaster oven, or air fryer. Once heated, toss them with the included sauce package and serve for a quick snack or meal.

We had the opportunity to sample these delectable Korean dumplings. Having experienced several other products from this brand, we had high hopes. Bibigo consistently delivers flavorful mandu, wontons, soup and steamed dumplings, potstickers, crunchy chicken, and fried rice dishes. It also has a line of Korean hot sauce, go-chu-jang sauce, barbecue sauce, and kimchi to spice things up. If precedent indicates what these new dumplings will be like, we think we are in for a treat. Read on for all the details.

How do the Bibigo Crispy Dumpling Bites cook up?

We decided to reheat these dumplings in the microwave. We had concerns regarding how they would remain crispy, as the microwave is notorious for making things soggy. The instructions suggest placing the dumplings in a single layer on a plate lined with a paper towel and not covering them before microwaving them for about two to three minutes for half a batch.

Once heating through, allow them to sit for a minute before adding the sweet and spicy sauce. This helps them crisp up without cooling off too much. We were pleasantly surprised that they stayed crispy and weren't greasy the way pan-fried or deep-fried dumplings can be, which gave them a pleasant texture.

Our only minor complaint is that the amount of sauce in the one tiny packet in the bag is barely enough for a one-half batch. It would be nice if there were two packets of sauce included.

What do the Bibigo Crispy Dumpling Bites taste like?

As far as the flavor of these Crispy Dumpling Bites goes, there is nothing to complain about. These are consistent with other Bibigo products we have sampled. They are flavorful, nuanced, and not overly salty tasting, which can be an issue with pre-packaged food, particularly Asian-inspired dishes.

We did think that the filling of the Bulgogi dumplings was somewhat more satiating and umami-forward than that inside the Spicy Chicken. This is likely because it is higher in sodium and added sugar. The Spicy Chicken was obviously a bit hotter, with the addition of red pepper flakes to the filling. The heat starts off mild and creeps up on you. If you prefer less aggressive heat, you will want to opt for the Bulgogi.

We felt the filling-to-wrapper ratio was off in both dumplings. They could have used more filling per wrapper. But we understand this is hard to achieve, particularly when mass-producing dumplings that must withstand freezing, packaging, transportation, and reheating.

Nutritional information for Bibigo Crispy Dumpling Bites

While these dumplings are not deep-fat or pan-fried, we wouldn't exactly call them healthy. Each bag is considered to be one serving. For Bulgogi, this is 520 calories, 26 grams of fat, and 990 milligrams of sodium. The Spicy Chicken is modestly healthier, with 510 calories, 24 grams of fat, 31% of the recommended daily value, and 950 milligrams of sodium. The USDA considers anything above 20% high.

The sweet and spicy sauce, which we thought was not enough to coat an entire bag of these dumplings, is 40 calories per packet, has 1 gram of fat, 220 milligrams of sodium, and 7 grams of sugar. The dumplings come with wheat and soy allergen warnings. The sauce has wheat, soy, and sesame allergens listed.

Where you can find Bibigo Crispy Dumpling Bites and how much do they cost?

Per Bibigo, these Crispy Dumpling bites are available at select Kroger, Harris Teeter, HEB, Raleys, Winn Dixie, and Harveys for $4.29 per bag. You can also order online via Instacart or Amazon.

To supplement the sauce packets in these Crispy Dumpling bites, we recommend picking up a container of the Bibigo Korean BBQ Hot & Spicy variety or the Hot & Sweet Go-Chu-Jang. These will be appropriate facsimiles for the sauce included.

The final verdict

If you are searching for a quick and easy Asian delicacy to keep on hand in the freezer for a last-minute meal or appetizer to serve for surprise guests, these new Bibigo Crispy Dumpling bites would be a fabulous addition to your pre-packaged food arsenal. They easily beat the mediocre, greasy dumplings you might get at a local Asian restaurant serving Americanized food. For those enjoying spicy food, opt for the Spicy Chicken. If you prefer something with less heat and more complexity, go for the Bulgogi.

As we mentioned, we would likely invest in extra sauce to keep on hand so you have plenty to dip each dumpling in. To make these into a full dinner, we recommend only heating up half the bag and serving these with some brown rice and vegetables to help round out the meal a bit and increase the nutritional profile. Otherwise, these dumplings are another win for the Bibigo brand.