Omelet Roll-Ups Are The Perfect Way To Eat Eggs On The Go

Omelets are a great way to start the morning off with a burst of protein to get you feeling energized. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one egg contains around 6 grams of protein — and omelets usually include a few. Plus, omelet fillings can include cheese, breakfast sausage, bacon, peppers, onions, broccoli, and more. Not only are these hearty and filling, but they also provide some essential nutrients.

Although omelets are a great choice for breakfast, busy mornings may leave less time for sitting down to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Traditionally, omelets are cooked and folded, then eaten with utensils. But when you add a tortilla into the mix, you can turn your omelet into an easy on-the-go breakfast. Plus, the prep is quick and easy: just make your omelet the same as you would otherwise, but add a tortilla to cook on top. Once it's cooked, you can roll the entire thing up, and enjoy your breakfast away from the table.

Start by making a standard omelet

To start off the recipe, begin preparing your omelet as normal. Crack your eggs into a bowl, whisk in your fillings and seasonings, add in a little milk, and ensure every ingredient is thoroughly combined. Then, pour the entire mix into a nonstick pan, and allow the omelet to begin cooking. After the eggs have set around the edges, the center of the omelet should still be a little runny. This will act as an adhesive for your tortilla.

Lay the tortilla on top of the omelet while the center of the egg is still a little runny, and allow the entire pan to continue cooking. Once the tortilla has attached fully to the egg, carefully flip the omelet over to allow the exterior of the tortilla to cook. Add a little cheese to the top of the eggs, cover the pan, and allow the omelet to cook just a little longer. Once the cheese has melted and the tortilla is a perfect golden brown, carefully remove the entire thing from the nonstick pan.

Once the omelet is out, roll it up with the tortilla on the outside. The melted cheese should help things stick in place as it cools off.

Enjoy your on-the-go omelet a few different ways

There are a few other egg hacks you can use to take your omelet on the go if you aren't a fan of rolling it up. If you have some sturdy sandwich bread on hand, you could make an omelet sandwich. Pour your whisked eggs into the nonstick pan to begin cooking them, then allow your bread slices to soak up a little bit of that egg. After the entire thing cooks, add your sandwich fillings, then fold the bread slices together to make a sandwich.

Or, if you still want to use a tortilla, you can turn that omelet into a quesadilla. The preparation method is pretty similar to the omelet roll-ups. But instead of rolling the whole thing together once it's ready, simply fold the outer tortilla in half before eating. The next time you find yourself craving an omelet on a busy morning, grab a tortilla and roll the whole thing up to take your breakfast on the go.