Drizzle Honey Apple Dressing On Your Salad For A Sweet Fall Touch

For dedicated chefs and other lovers of apple, cinnamon, and spice, fall might be one of the best seasons of all. From those decadent slices of apple pie to steaming mugs of apple cider, the time between September through December is the perfect chance for you to indulge in some of your favorite comfort dishes.

While it's hard to think of eating anything other than warm bowls of soups and stews in the fall season, every once in a while you just have to eat a salad. If you're seeking a way to swap the summer out of your salad for fall flavors, we think a unique salad dressing is a great way to do so. Have you ever thought about trying a honey apple dressing?

Sweet, sticky, and loaded with fall familiarities, this dressing might change the way you think about eating salad in those colder months for good. While the combination is pretty self-explanatory, we'll dig into some different ways you can make it to help you craft a unique recipe of your own.

How to make a simple honey apple dressing

Salads are entirely customizable, so when making a new dressing, don't be afraid to get creative or switch up some of your favorite combinations. For a fall honey apple dressing, we have a few ideas.

For starters, making this into a vinaigrette dressing is a great option. Mixing up some apple cider vinegar with honey makes for a sweet, tangy bite that can take even the simplest of salads up a notch. If you prefer a sweeter taste, you could always swap out the apple cider vinegar with apple juice too, and mix it with some balsamic vinegar for a milder taste. To these simple combinations, you can always add classics like olive oil, and seasonings like salt and pepper, or even garlic powder, to add some more flavor. For a bite with even more edge, consider adding some Dijon mustard to the mix too.

Now these ingredients and ratios are up to you to experiment with, but once you've found the right balance for you, get ready to indulge in an unexpected fall treat.

Other ways to make your salad feel like fall

If you're on board with a honey-apple combination, that's not the only salad topping we have in mind for you to make your meal more reminiscent of the season. Here are a few other ideas to make your salad scream fall.

Another way to switch things up with your salad would be to swap out your regular seeds and nuts for more autumn-inspired ones. During fall, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, and chestnuts are in season, so it's the perfect time to throw these onto your salad. 

If you're on board with a fruit dressing, try adding some real apples to your salad too. Cranberries and figs are also great to throw in. Whether fresh or dried, the choice is up to you. For more ideas for vegetables to add to your greens, bright butternut squashes and vibrant beet cubes are two other perfect fall-inspired ingredients to choose from. But honestly, the options are endless, so get creative and happy harvesting.