It's Time To Start Infusing Your Whipped Cream With Booze

There are tons of recipes that call for adding an adult twist by popping a splash (or more) of alcohol into the mix to lend a boozy bite — from TikTok's dirty martini pasta to a slew of alcohol-infused desserts like booze-infused ice cream, not to mention a seemingly endless array of jazzed up drinks. Beyond spiked hot chocolate and mulled cider, there are numerous variations of alcoholic caffeinated beverages, including the classic Irish coffee and less traditional homemade version of Four Loko. Another fun, grown-up recipe you can try that makes for a particularly festive garnish is to make boozy whipped cream.

This can involve any kind of alcohol you like, whether spicy rum or a smooth shot of tequila. Lower ABV beverages like amaro, wine, and even dark stout beer also work. Whatever you choose, just note that the flavors of the alcohol you include won't be subtle unless you use something more neutral, like vodka or gin. If you're ready to amp up your whipped cream game by adding a spirited twist, there are a number of pro tips that can help you make the perfect batch at home. 

How to infuse whipped cream with alcohol

If you want to try boozy whipped cream, it's pretty easy to make at home. All you'll need is 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, 2 tablespoons of your favorite alcohol, and 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar. Then, just pop everything into a chilled bowl and use an electric mixer on medium speed until your cream forms soft peaks (or, if you want a firmer cream, until it forms stiff peaks). Tailor the alcohol in your whipped cream to match what you'll be adding it to: Tequila or mezcal would work well in tres leches; champagne can elevate simple pavlovas and shortcakes. You can also play with the sweetness and booziness levels, adding or subtracting the sugar and alcohol according to your preferences.

Once you've whipped your cream, you can eat it straight off the whisk (no judgments here) or spoon it atop your favorite cocktails and desserts. Add a dollop to an Irish coffee for an extra boozy addition to your brew, turn it into frosting for cupcakes, or make some party-ready ambrosia salad.

While making some from scratch allows for the most control of taste and texture, it's worth noting that this boozy treat has been around for a while commercially. If you're in a pinch, you can always skip the hard work and just pick up a can of alcoholic whipped cream at your local liquor store.

Who came up with boozy whipped cream, anyway?

While home cooks have probably been making boozy whipped cream on their own for quite some time, commercially, the idea seems to have taken off in the early 2000s. Some of the different brands that have appeared include Whipped Lightning (which sells Whipahol), Cream, and Liquor Whipped.

In general, these alcoholic whipped creams contain between 10% and 18% alcohol and are sold in a wide range of flavors. Over the years, the type of alcohol used for these products has varied, with some cans using vodka and others, such as Whipsy, using wine, for example.

Cardi B launched one of the most recent entrants in this category in late 2021 in partnership with Starco Brands. This new product, called Whipshots, put alcoholic whipped cream back on people's radars in a big way. So far, the launch has been a success, with more than 3 million cans sold. So, whether you go for Cardi B's product, a different brand, or the homemade edition, there are plenty of options to choose from when trying alcoholic whipped cream.