How To Easily Hack Your Own Oreo Milkshake At McDonald's

There are items on the McDonald's menu that are about as classic as they come, including its shakes. With the exception of seasonal favorites (like the Shamrock Shake) and special events (Grimace's Birthday Shake), the flavors of the creamy frozen treats have almost never strayed from the simple and straightforward favorites of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. And although the chain does offer frosty, cookie-centric dessert items like the Oreo McFlurry, it's not the same as an Oreo milkshake, if that's what you're really craving.

But all hope may not be lost. There are, after all, McDonald's hacks that fall into the dessert realm too, like the one for a creamy coffee milkshake. So if you really want an Oreo milkshake, it can be done. Simply order a vanilla shake and request some of the crushed Oreo toppings that typically go on a McFlurry, and you'll have pretty much all you need to make your very own. Just mix thoroughly, and enjoy.

You could also order an Oreo McFlurry and a vanilla shake and simply mix the two together, though this will yield double the amount, so you might want to save this one for when you're out with friends or when you can freeze the rest.

In either case, it may not be the world's best Oreo shake, but it will probably be pretty close. 

Other flavored Oreo shakes to try

If you want a more exciting flavor combo, there's no reason you couldn't try this hack with strawberry or chocolate shakes. You could also try combining the best of the Oreo shake hack and the coffee shake hack for another twist (and a caffeine boost). McDonald's already pretty much knows how well coffee can pair with the flavor of the cookies, as evidenced by the McCafé Oreo Frappé. To do the milkshake hack, order a vanilla shake, some crumbled Oreos topping, and an espresso shot, and mix it all together.

While McDonald's frozen coffee Frappé doesn't really have the consistency of a shake, you could also try using it as a base if you want to do the java-flavored hack. Again, you'll be left with a lot to drink — and you'll probably need to get an extra cup to help mix it all in — but it will still give you the sweet combination of coffee and Oreos, with more of the creaminess you might desire that is lacking in a Frappé.

McDonald's also has cookies and cream syrup

If you look at the ingredients of the Oreo Frappé, you'll also see one of the primary ones is cookies and cream-flavored syrup. So, if you're looking to hack your way to an Oreo shake at McDonald's, you could request that they add a few pumps of this to your drink. It will help ensure that you get plenty of that desired flavor without the need for several handfuls of crumbled Oreos (and might make it less messy to mix together, too).

Though you won't be able to replicate it year-round, there's one more flavor combo you could try to build on from the collision of Oreos and a McDonald's shake. The Shamrock Shake is already a beloved annual menu item, and the winning combination of mint with cookies and cream has been adopted by the fast food chain with the more recent addition of the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, so there's no reason you can't add this minty pop to your off-menu drink when it's in season.