It's Official: Pumpkin Pie Is Back At Costco

Bright, zesty summer flavors have been replaced by warm, comforting spices. To shoppers' delight, Costco pumpkin pie is back in the bakery. Although some people questioned the Christmas trees illuminating the decor aisle, the return of the iconic dessert had many people jumping for joy.

Several eagle-eyed Costco shoppers spotted the dessert in their local bakery section. Generally, the pie returns around September 1, but this year it hit the shelf in late August. Maybe some people will be swapping the apple pie for pumpkin at their end-of-summer barbecue?

Since 1987, Costco has been selling the seasonal pie. While the Costco Pie fan Facebook page showed one guest buying over 90 pies during the holiday season, it's more than just the dessert's flavor that has people going back for seconds and thirds. The low price tag of $5.99 cannot be beat, and comments on social media abound that you couldn't even make a pie this size at home for that little cost.

Although the pumpkin pie returned before the official start of fall, it can be assumed that the dessert will be around for a few of months. It would be surprising if the traditional Thanksgiving dessert disappeared before the turkeys hit the table.

Curious facts you might not know about the Costco pumpkin pie

From Kirkland brand items to Costco bakery treats, Costco shoppers fill their carts with flavorful and value-forward items. When it comes to the seasonal Costco pumpkin pie, the dessert's legendary status grows every year. Although everyone cannot wait for that first slice, these fun facts can make eating it even more enjoyable.

While people appreciate the low (currently $5.99) price tag, the pumpkin pie weighs in at 58 ounces, making it less than 10 cents per ounce. Given that the pie can be sliced and frozen, it's a dessert that could be purchased in September and last all the way to Thanksgiving.

The bakery team takes care when creating this iconic recipe, the pumpkin filling is made from fresh pumpkins and twice baked for a robust flavor. Costco first bakes chunks of pumpkin and then turns that into a purée, which then gets canned and baked again. The cans are then shipped to Costco locations across the U.S. where the pumpkin purée gets baked into pies along with pre-mixed seasonings and house-made crust. The recipe comes from the vice president of bakery operations, Sue McConnaha. 

Lastly, in 2019, Costco reported that it sold 6.1 million pies. While over 2 million of those sales were right before Thanksgiving, the reality is that this seasonal dessert has become a seasonal staple. If it ever disappears from the bakery case, people might do more than fill out a petition.