Egg Tartine Is The Sophisticated Dish You Need To Start Your Day

Eggs are a breakfast staple. Whether served scrambled, sunny side up, or poached, the protein-packed, nutrient-dense food is often the centerpiece of the plate. With an egg tartine, the French dish has a simple secret that makes this concept an easy one to master. The concept of egg tartine is one that people know and enjoy. It just sounds more sophisticated.

The French word tartine simply means toast — or open-faced sandwich. Although the translation isn't exact, the idea is of a dish style versus a specific recipe. For an egg tartine, the dish can be served with a scrambled egg, fried egg, poached egg, or any type of egg at all. The other toppings can vary as well. The idea is that ingredients are topped on a single piece of sliced bread. No additional bread piece impedes the view to see and enjoy the carefully chosen components. For a sophisticated, beautiful presentation, an egg tartine will impress every time.

The most important part to an egg tartine is not the egg

Whether the flavors are simple or complex, any open-face sandwich, like an egg tartine, is reliant on one ingredient more than others. Even though the egg can be a fluffy scramble or perfectly poached, the vehicle on which the ingredients are presented is the most important. A great tartine starts with the bread.

The size, cut, and type need to be taken into consideration. From a country loaf with its crispy crust to a seeded rye with its density, the bread needs to work with the other ingredients. A tangy sour bread can contrast the light, fluffy eggs. When combined with chive gournay cheese, the bite can hit most of the five flavor notes. On the other hand, a hearty pumpernickel can add earthy qualities to plain scrambled eggs.

In addition, the bread's thickness is important. If that open-faced sandwich is piled high, a thin, crispy slice could crumble under the weight. The bread should not be overwhelmed by the toppings — and vice versa. The bread needs to be a slice above the rest for the flavor to be at its best.

Egg tartines offer tremendous variety

While the French term might make this sandwich seem très chic, egg tartines do bring a little extra to the plate. By changing the type of egg, bread, and toppings, the open-faced sandwich is far from commonplace.

From a simple scrambled egg with a sprinkling of cheese and chives to a delicately poached egg sitting on top of smoked salmon or avocado, that bread slice can be topped with almost anything. The flavors can be peppery with arugula and hot sauces — or herbaceous with dill and rosemary. Even changing the egg makes for a totally different bite. The egg over easy allows the yoke to absorb into the bread while a hard-boiled egg adds a firmer texture.

While everyone can experiment with ingredients and flavors, one thing should remain a priority: appearance. Given the open-faced presentation, a pretty plate entices and enhances that first bite. Bright, contrasting colors create an anticipation of the eating enjoyment. Although tweezers are not necessary, a little careful composition adds to the overall experience. Best of all, with egg tartine, no two breakfasts will ever be the same.