Mayo Is The Secret Ingredient That Makes Banana Bread Super Moist

Mayonnaise and banana bread. A combination you probably never expected to hear. Before you question whether reality is crumbling, consider how creamy and delicious mayonnaise is. Now, imagine how a casual spoonful could elevate your banana bread's texture. It might not be easy to picture, but if your banana bread has struggled with dryness in the past, mayonnaise could be your saving grace.

It takes just one tablespoon of mayonnaise added to the other wet banana bread ingredients, and presto, your bread's texture is deliciously soft and moist. The use of mayonnaise in cakes is not new and has actually been shown to inject and preserve moisture inside a cake. Within banana bread, mayonnaise adds a springiness that is too tempting to ignore. Don't worry about the sweet notes of banana being lost to the savoriness of the mayonnaise, as you can balance this with spices. When it comes to banana bread, mayo is your new secret weapon — this is not a drill!

This is not mayonnaise bread

If you remove the name mayonnaise from your mind and consider what it is, emulsified eggs and oil, then adding it to your banana bread doesn't feel so daunting. In terms of measurements, you can replace one egg with three tablespoons of mayonnaise. Since mayonnaise already contains oil, you can usually omit oil from the banana bread recipe entirely.

It's easiest to beat the mayonnaise into a separate bowl with the other wet ingredients (banana, water, and vanilla extract, for example) before folding it into the dry ingredients. Some recipes may ask for ⅔ cup or even one full cup of mayonnaise in the mixing bowl. However, by adding more mayonnaise, just like eggs, it can be challenging to determine when the banana bread is ready. To avoid a dry block or a soggy mess, cook the bread until a toothpick comes out clear upon insertion. The result should be a moist, airy, deliciously light banana bread.

A note on flavor

Mayonnaise is typically salty, so bear in mind that the more mayonnaise added, the saltier your banana bread will be. This is, for sure, something to remember the next time you consider buying Hellman's mayonnaise. It should also go without saying, but check the mayonnaise is not flavored — you do not want garlicky banana bread.

If you're apprehensive about the savoriness of mayonnaise, there are multiple ways to elevate the flavor of banana bread. However, instead of fiddling with added moisture from peanut butter or orange juice, you can easily offset the eggy tangy with spices. Cinnamon is a beautiful addition, as its sweet, woody flavor easily molds with the mild bananas. Nutmeg and ground cloves are also not unfamiliar ingredients in banana bread but may be more tempting to add if you're using mayonnaise. Using brown sugar instead of white will also give your bread a subtly more robust flavor. Stop cringing at the prospect of adding mayonnaise to your banana bread — it may be the secret ingredient you've been missing all along.