Does Mayo Actually Work As A Stainless Steel Cleaner?

Mayonnaise is best known for being a tasty sandwich accouterment, but did you know it's also an effective cleaning agent? It's especially effective on stainless steel, which can be challenging to clean without leaving streaks and smudges. Imagine you notice lots of unsightly streaks and fingerprints on a stainless steel appliance in your kitchen. In this case, take the jar of mayonnaise from your refrigerator and apply a small amount to any stained areas. 

You only need a thin coating, so be mindful of using more mayonnaise than necessary to avoid a mess. Next, take a paper towel and quickly remove the coating of mayonnaise, making sure to eliminate any lingering residue as well. Smudges and streaks will be no more, and you won't need to worry about purchasing expensive and potentially toxic cleaning agents. Mayonnaise is a great option for cleaning because it's such a common kitchen item. It's also quite effective thanks to the condiment's inherent qualities.

More than just a sandwich condiment

Mayo has a variety of culinary uses, but its cleaning properties are most surprising. Its abilities as a cleaning agent have a lot to do with the high concentration of oil in mayo. This makes it very similar to storebought polishers, as well as cleaning products intended to do away with sticky substances on a multitude of items.

Along with its ability to restore the shine to stainless steel, mayonnaise can also be used to remove stickers and adhesives from household goods. To do so, take a paper towel and dip it into a jar of mayonnaise. Next, rub the mayo on the sticker and allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes. After enough time has elapsed, take a wet cloth, and rub it over the spot. Both the mayo and the adhesive should be easy to remove at this point. If not, apply some more mayonnaise, wait another 20 minutes, and try cleaning again.

Can you use the mayonnaise hack on wood?

Along with stainless steel, mayo can also be used on wood to remove stains and restore its good looks. If you're tired of dealing with water stains on wood furniture and your loved ones refuse to use coasters, try this neat cleaning hack. Spread a small amount of the condiment on water stains and allow it to sit for a few minutes. If the water stain is particularly severe, consider letting it rest for a couple of hours. After wiping away the mayo, the stain should be removed as well.

Mayonnaise can even help deal with scuffs on hardwood floors. In this case, clean the floor as you normally would, then apply mayo to scuff marks and scratches. Allow the mayonnaise to rest on the scuffs overnight, then use a damp cloth to remove it. The oil in mayo will be absorbed into the wood to conceal the appearance of scratches. And because of mayo's neutral color, it can be used on all sorts of hardwood flooring.