The Convenient Reason McDonald's Started Numbering Its Tables

If you've solely relied on the drive-thru for ordering food at McDonald's, you're missing out on a world of convenience hidden inside the restaurants. Depending on how long it's been since you stepped inside your local McDonald's, you may notice a range of upgrades. Amid ordering kiosks and modern decor, what might catch your attention is the presence of numbered tables. These table numbers serve a purpose beyond helping your friend or family locate you once you've taken a seat. They enable McDonald's employees to bring your ordered food directly to your table. The fast food behemoth debuted this useful feature in 2016; at launch, a representative for the company told the New York Times, "This is a huge opportunity for us to personalize and elevate the experience of our customers in the United States."

For those with a large group, this option is a game-changer. Balancing multiple beverages and trays of burgers and fries becomes a thing of the past. Simply find a seat, order, and await your food's arrival. Moreover, this comprehensive service is at your disposal regardless of whether you place your order at the front counter, one of the kiosks, or use the app. In fact, there are several avenues to secure table service for your meal, with the options shifting based on whether you'd prefer to order immediately or secure your seat first.

How to order table service at McDonald's

Upon entering a McDonald's location, a few choices greet you. Large kiosks, varied seating arrangements, and the familiar front counter are all present. Now, you have three distinct routes: you can claim a seat and order through your app, use one of the kiosks, or approach the counter. Opting to order from your seat involves simply settling down and accessing your app. If you've placed an advance order on the app, open it, scan the table's QR code, and this action notifies the kitchen staff to begin preparing your meal. This step also transmits your table number to the staff. Once your meal is ready, it will be delivered to your table.

For those inclined to order via the kiosk or counter, you're made to choose a numbered table tent card. During your transaction, you'll enter the number on the card. The staff will then use this information to identify your order and bring it to your table. Alternatively, you can settle your family or friends at a table and communicate the number directly to the staff.

Additional advantages of table service

Beyond the advantage of having a substantial order brought directly to your table, opting for table service offers supplementary perks. If you require extra time to browse the menu, you can first sit down and place your order through the app. This allows for substitutions and the selection of various options, eliminating the sensation of being rushed at the kiosk or counter. If you have a reward within the app that you'd like to redeem, you can apply it during the process, exploring the array of options that McDonald's consistently offers, including events like "Free Fry Fridays."

You will receive updates on any items that are out of stock or if the ice cream machine is unavailable. Table service is also helpful in case you forget to order something. You don't have to bring your kids to the counter; just use the app to add more food and have it delivered to your table.