Coors Light Is Selling The Ultimate Tailgating 'Chill Throne' This Football Season

While some football fans might be fine sitting in a regular folding chair this tailgating season, there's now an option to sit upon the ultimate tailgating "Chill Throne" instead. If you're looking to take your tailgate setup to the next level, this one's for you.

Coors Light just announced the creation of its brand-new, limited-edition Chill Throne. The new chair comes with a whole lot of features that are essential to the tailgating experience, per a press release sent to Daily Meal. For starters, each chair comes with an auto-chilling cup holder that keeps your drink at a cool 36 degrees — even if you're watching the game in the heat of the Southern sun. Next up is a special Coors Light Can Tap that can turn any can of beer into a draft beer.

Another handy feature of the chair is a built-in cooler that can keep everyone's drinks at the tailgate cold, not to mention a built-in speaker system to keep the music going. And if you're worried about your phone dying at the game, don't — this chair comes with a built-in charging station, too. The chair even has a 360-degree turning radius so you don't have to crane your neck to interact with fellow fans. And believe it or not, that's not all the Coors Light Chill Throne has to offer.

More premium features of the Coors Light Chill Throne

As if this chair couldn't possibly have any more features, it also has a back-massaging feature for those especially stressful plays. To keep your feet elevated and relaxed, the chair's footrest is also made of a soft stadium turf. The cherry on top is that there's a flag holder so you can proudly fly the colors of your favorite team.

Despite all the bells and whistles, the Coors Light Chill Throne is also easy to transport. If this all sounds like the tailgating chair of your dreams (or maybe just something special for the living room), the chair will be available to order starting September 2 at 11:00 a.m. CT — just in time for the first kickoffs of the day. Fans will want to get in line quickly, however — there are only eight of the limited-edition chairs available. (And no, they won't be restocked.)

Each chair will be sold for $750 on the Coors Light website. Fans who aren't able to purchase one can still enter the brand's sweepstakes to win one from August 28 until September 30. This isn't the first time Coors Light has rolled out a limited-edition item — remember its sun-activated beer can designs? — and fans hope it won't be the last.