Hummus Is A Truly Underrated Mayo Alternative For Your Tuna Salad

The classic tuna salad is creamy, flaky, and oh-so-satisfying. If you don't make your own, you have someone who makes it just how you like. It's a nostalgic dish that brings to mind memories of school sandwiches or quick work lunches. Unfortunately, if you're not a fan of mayo or have an egg allergy, tuna salad may have made its way onto your list of foods to avoid. Thankfully with hummus, you can put a twist on a tuna salad that's dairy-free and nutritious.

Simply add three tablespoons of hummus to a medium mixing bowl with one can of tuna and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Mash together before adding red onion, celery, or any other vegetables you desire and serving. It's a simple alternative that retains the thick creaminess reminiscent of mayonnaise. Not only is it an excellent substitution for tuna salad, but it works well, replacing mayo in a selection of dishes. With its easily spreadable texture and rich flavor, it's an underrated substitute for mayonnaise that you need to start making the most of.

A delicious dairy-free alternative

Whether you make the hummus yourself or purchase it from your local store, its versatility makes it the perfect dairy-free alternative to mayonnaise. While there are brands of dairy-free mayo available, hummus brings a rich nutty flavor alongside its smooth texture. Since there are different varieties of hummus, you can easily accentuate particular flavors. With garlic hummus, your tuna salad has a delicious tang; with beetroot, it'll lean into more earthy flavors.

While it works exceptionally well in tuna salad, it will slip into a pasta or pasta salad just as effortlessly. Hummus pasta is a great lunch idea or summer dinner when you're looking for a cool dish to finish a hot day. Cook a pasta of your choice following the packet instructions, reserving two cups of water once finished. Once drained, add the pasta back into the pot alongside soaked sun-dried tomatoes, olives, fresh tomatoes, lemon juice, and hummus of your choice. Stir to combine, adding a little reserved water to loosen the hummus and coat the pasta. Season to taste and add a little chopped basil to the mix for a pasta that beautifully captures the flavors of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

A boost of protein and fiber

With pasta and salad sorted, you can also use hummus as an alternative to mayonnaise in burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. If you want to think outside the box, hummus also works as a pizza sauce— an incredible alternative to a white pizza base that's equally as creamy.

Hummus is typically richer in minerals than mayonnaise while holding around the same amount of vitamins. However, it tends to have lower amounts of sodium and sugar. Alongside this, hummus packs a protein and fiber punch. While it's a great dairy-free alternative, it's also a great alternative to mayonnaise if you want a boost of nutrition.

This information presents a generalized perspective, as unhealthy brands of hummus exist and could contain higher levels of sodium, sugar, or fat. It's best to double-check ingredient labels and ensure that the hummus you buy retains some of its natural nutrition. The next time you're looking for a mayo alternative, consider the underrated hummus; it's a spectacular addition to tuna salad that elevates it beyond its traditional role as a dip.