Amp Up Your Brunch Burger With The Flavors Of Your Bloody Mary

There is almost no cocktail that shares such a distinction as a perfectly made Bloody Mary. The drink has an incredibly unique flavor and it's also one cocktail that can be enjoyed with nearly any meal of the day. Bloody Mary garnishes have gotten more extreme as they've evolved through the years, from something as simple as a celery stick to nowadays holding a small entree's worth of garnishment — a favorite being a mini burger. But what if you changed the game? Instead of garnishing your cocktail with a burger, try garnishing your burger with a Bloody Mary.

The concept is simple: break down the Bloody Mary's flavors and add them as burger components. No, this doesn't mean placing a whole celery stick on top of your patty. It's all in the iconic sauces and sandwich-friendly versions of the typical glass garnishments. You already know that the brunch cocktail's savory saltiness makes it a delish drink. So, you can be confident that the same flavors can also amp up your typical burger experience.

Bloody Mary infuse your burger

To make your burger fit for a Bloody Mary lover, you first have to swap out the basic ketchup and elevate your condiments to the next level. Start by whipping up a blend of mayonnaise, lemon juice, and the cocktail's mix for the perfect topping. Add a few dashes of hot sauce and horseradish for a little extra zing. You can even enhance the spread with a little vodka to make the most of the Bloody Mary's flavor. 

You can also mix some iconic Bloody Mary flavors right into the burger's patty. Since garlic is often in Bloody Mary mix as well, add some garlic powder or chopped garlic right into the meat. And of course, celery is the cocktail's staple garnish, so mix in some chopped stalks for a crunch or sprinkle in dried seeds for a subtle hint of flavor. To give the meat more of the drink's trademark umami notes, mix in Worcestershire sauce instead of just plain salt.

Elevating your burgers to the next level

While a well-seasoned burger can provide a delicious foundation — it's the toppings that set it apart from the rest. For the Bloody Mary burger, elements like savory bacon and tangy blue cheese are great toppings that you're also likely to find in the cocktail. Pickles can offer a nice crunch and olives can also provide an extra dimension of flavor. Then, pull the whole meal together by pairing it with none other than a freshly-mixed Bloody Mary.

While this is one way to turn your favorite cocktail into a meal, it's not the only way. If you're a big peach bellini fan, you can easily transition these ingredients to a burger. Grilled peaches make a great topping (especially during the summer, when the stone fruit is in season!). Balance the sweet toppings with some savory bacon, and you can turn another favorite brunch cocktail into a tasty burger. If you prefer to wake up with some caffeine, the espresso martini is a great brunch option, and surprisingly, coffee and burgers pair perfectly. Ground coffee's deep flavor makes an excellent dry rub for a burger.