The 20 Best Apple Orchards In America

Whether looking for a scenic getaway, all-family fun, or filling up your baskets with seasonal fruit, one of the best ways to celebrate the harvest season is to visit an apple orchard near you. From mid-summer to the first frosts in late autumn, orchards around the country lure apple-pickers with an onslaught of entertainment: Among the corn mazes, hayrides, and wine tastings, you'll find a lingering smell of freshly baked donuts and pies and plenty more activities to fill up your day at the farm.

Starting with the first apple orchard in Boston in 1620s by William Blaxton, there are now over 5,000 apple farms across the country, growing around 2,500 apple varieties, from the old-time favorites like Gala and Golden Delicious to newer breeds like the premium Honeycrisp. It's enough to visit Weston's Antique Apples Orchard in Wisconsin, and you'll be blown away by the names of apples you never knew existed.

To put you on track for the harvest season, we've compiled a list of our favorite apple orchards in America. There's one for everyone, depending on where you are and (or) how far you're willing to travel — just remember to check the harvest calendar, as some fruits run short very quickly.

Sky Top Orchard (Flat Rock, North Carolina)

Nestled in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, you'll find Sky Top Orchard — a family-owned orchard flourishing since 1967. What was once a tiny roadside stand has become a lush paradise, thanks to Apple Dave and his spouse, Lindsey. The orchard offers more than 22 apple varieties, including popular favorites such as Gala, Honeycrisp, Arkansas Blacks, and Pink Lady — all of which you can handpick during the season.

Sky Top offers more than meets the eye. You can explore the orchard on a tractor-pulled wagon or, if you feel adventurous, shoot the fruit above the lake from an apple cannon. The property also boasts a unique bamboo "forest" and the newly introduced gem mine.

Beyond the rows of meticulously nurtured trees lingers the scent of apple cider, kettle corn. You can also probably catch a whiff of Sky Top's signature cider donuts — made right in front of you!

Terhune Orchards (Princeton, New Jersey)

Terhune Orchards is a year-round farm sanctuary for the whole family. Gary and Pam Mount's hard work has transformed Terhune Orchards from a 55-acre farm in 1975 to a thriving 250-acre property today. The vast landscape is decorated with more than 35 varieties of apple trees, a vineyard, and a wide selection of sustainably grown organic fruits and vegetables.

This family-owned orchard boasts it's own production of crisp cider and wine. The orchard is also known for a generous marketplace brimming with farm-grown and local artisanal products — including Fruitwood Orchard Honey and Arctic Ice Cream.

To fully immerse yourself in farm life, you can enjoy a variety of activities, from picking apples and berries to taking a stroll along the scenic farm trail. The orchard also hosts several events throughout the year, including kite day, firefly festival, and family fun fall weekends.

County Line Orchard (Hobart, Indiana)

As autumn's chilly winds sweep in, County Line Orchard in Hobart, Indiana springs to life. Just a hop away from Chicago's towering skyline, this idyllic orchard in the heartland's surroundings offers a seasonal adventure: from late August until October, you can venture through the beautiful landscape, gathering over 30 different kinds of apples, and you can even branch out and collect pumpkins, or sunflowers.

While at the orchard, you can lose yourself in the expansive corn maze, which has a different theme each year. You can also take an entertaining Moo Choo tractor tour, and meet the curious inhabitants of the kids farm, where young explorers can interact with pigs and goats. In addition, the big barn, located just beyond the orchards, is a must-visit if you want to indulge in freshly baked apple and pumpkin donuts, homemade fudge, and pies that take you back to grandma's kitchen.

Fishkill Farms (Hopewell Junction, New York)

Within the curves of East Fishkill, New York, you'll find Fishkill Farms, a thriving 270-acre orchard and farm that has been a treasured sanctuary for over a century. Established by Henry Morgenthau Jr. in 1913, this organic-certified orchard perfectly illustrates the balance between the earth's generosity and human effort.

During the spring season, Fishkill Farms is a picturesque sight with its blooming cherries and strawberry fields. The farm transforms into an apple and pumpkin paradise as autumn sets in. While strolling amidst the rows of fruit-laden trees, you can fill your basket with the vast 28 apple varieties, including the farm favorite Pixie Crunch and crispy and sweet Crimson Topaz. They make a delicious Treasury Cider on-site, too — every bottle is a tribute to the legacy of Henry Morgenthau Jr.

Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards (La Fayette, New York)

Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards in La Fayette, NY was founded in 1911. For over a century have been a renowned orchard in the U.S., producing exceptional apple varieties and iconic cider. 

At Beak and Skiff, you'll find distinctive breeds like the Snap Dragon, with its delightful blend of spicy and sweet flavors, great for salads and snacking. You'll also find the Ruby Frost, which offers a perfect balance of sweet and tart for baking.

The orchard's innovation in cider-making has birthed the 1911 Established line of hard ciders. Today, the brand also offers a wide range of premium distilled spirits, such as signature apple gin, flavored vodkas, and bourbon whiskey. If you want to savor the latest creations, head to the 1911 Tasting Room and Tavern. And, while you're at it, be sure to pop into the bakery for some apple bread!

Mercier Orchards (Blue Ridge, Georgia)

Established by Bill and Adele Mercier in 1943, Mercier Orchards is a family-owned orchard that has been thriving for four generations. Today, Tim Mercier carries on the family tradition with the same passion and dedication to this huge 200-acre orchard.

The bustling market at Mercier is stocked with the season's best produce. The spotlight is on the apples, of course, with over 50 seasonal varieties, including the iconic Crimson Crisp and Empire. Along with the apples, you can find sweet potatoes, onions, juicy tomatoes, and a colorful display of squash.

At Mercier Orchards, you'll be treated to a feast. The bakery lures you in with freshly made apple cider donuts, fritters, and pies, while at the winery, you can quench your thirst with house-made ciders and wines.

Milburn Orchards (Elkton, Maryland)

Maryland's Milburn Orchard has been a beloved establishment since 1902. Today, run by the fourth-generation Milburns, this charmingly serene destination welcomes families from all across Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and beyond, drawn by the joy of picking their own fruit. With upwards of 20 juicy apple varieties, as well as cherries, blackberries, and succulent peaches, there's plenty to harvest at any time of the season.

Milburn earned recognition as the top orchard in the U.S. by USA Today readers in 2022, and it's no surprise why. The farm market is brimming with locally grown vegetables, cheeses, honey, and jams. Meanwhile, The orchard view lunch & ice cream deck offers a serene place to savor farm-fresh breakfast and lunch. And. for those with a sweet tooth, the Bake Shoppe crafts signature apple pies and cider doughnuts.

Riley's Farm (Oak Glen, California)

In the apple-growing foothills of historic Oak Glen, California, Riley's Farm offers an immersive experience that transports you back to colonial America. Here, you can handpick century-old apples while finding yourself shouldering a musket to defend the American Colonies or panning for gold in the gold rush era.

The orchard features a wide selection of heirloom apple varieties, many of which were once forgotten. New trees are planted yearly to restore the old orchards, focusing on flavor rather than appearance. Although their apples may not look perfect, they are downright delicious.

At Riley's Farm, you'll find more than just apple-picking. The Hawk's Head restaurant and bakery serve colonial-inspired treats such as braised beef, potato pie, or soup in a sourdough bread bowl. And for dessert, you don't want to miss their famous apple pie.

Weston's Antique Apples (New Berlin, Wisconsin)

Weston's Antique Apple Orchards is the oldest functioning orchard in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Located on Prospect Hill, it offers breathtaking views of the valleys and lakes surrounding it. Harvey and Alice Weston established the orchard in 1935 on Alice's father's property to preserve historic apple varieties, and today, it is recognized as a Rural Historic Landscape by the National Register.

Weston's Antique Apples features more than 100 varieties and 700 trees that have been carefully nurtured for generations. From the classic 16th-century Calville Blanc d'Hiver to the modern 20th-century Pink Pearl, each apple has a unique story to tell. Although no U-pick is available, you can purchase the apples along with the cider and pastries at the orchard or at local farmer's markets like West Allis. Want to learn more about growing your own apples? Keep an eye out for their annual events and classes.

Honey Pot Hill Orchards (Stow, Massachusetts)

Honey Pot Hill Orchards is a well-known attraction in Stow, Massachusetts. It was established in 1926 when Clifford Martin took over a 70-acre farm, which has since expanded to 186 acres. With the only goal in mind (to grow the best fruit), the father-daughter team of Andrew and Chelcie Martin nurtures the abundance of crops under the New England sky, from rows of apple trees to peaches and blueberries — "Pick your own" is also available.

If you're looking for the fluffiest cider donuts, bottled jams, and jellies, Honey Pot Hill Orchards farm store is a spot you don't want to miss. While there, hop on a hayride and explore the orchard's mazes while taking in the breathtaking scenery. And, be sure not to leave without trying the Honey Pot Hill cider.

Applecrest Farm Orchards (Hampton Falls, New Hampshire)

With over 110 years of history, Applecrest Orchard is the oldest continuously operating apple orchard in the United States. Founded by the Wagner family, the orchard cultivates the finest apple varieties, peaches, berries, and summer vegetables.

Beyond the generous pick-your-own selection, there's plenty more to taste at the orchard. Nestled inside a charming 200-year-old barn, the farm market serves a delightful selection of hand-pressed apple cider, artisanal jams and cheese, and some of the most mouth-watering hot cider donuts you'll ever taste. And, for those with a knack for fresh ice cream, the Applecrest Creamery will surely hit the spot.

As the autumn settles in, Applecrest gears up for festive celebrations. From lively musical performances to thrilling tractor rides and engaging games for all ages — their events promise to be the highlight of the season for the whole family.

Ya Ya Farm and Orchard (Boulder County, Colorado)

Located in the heart of Boulder County, Colorado, YA YA Farm and Orchard greets you with remarkable views of the majestic Front Range. The orchard opens its doors to apple, pear, and berry-picking enthusiasts from July to October. 

YA YA Farm and Orchard is home to over 120 heirloom apple varieties, from the tart Montmorency Cherry that kicks things off in the summer to the crisp and juicy Honeycrisp that dominates the mid-season harvest. You also get a unique opportunity to adopt an apple tree — by contributing to its care, you receive your slice of the harvest each year.

This charming location offers more than a chance to pick great apples. Whether strolling through the lush flower gardens with a freshly baked apple pie or visiting a gourd painting event, you will cherish the time spent here.

Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch (Champaign, Illinois)

Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch is a historic farmstead in Champaign, Illinois. Beginning as a small family farm in 1873, it evolved from cornfields to soybeans before becoming an apple orchard. Founded by Paul Curtis and his wife in 1977, the orchard is a popular spot for families to enjoy a fun day of apple picking on the farm.

There's an abundance of apple varieties to pick from, ranging from the early Zestar to the premium Honeycrisp. Once you've filled your basket, you can explore the obstacle course or test your skills at the Emerald City rope maze.

The bakery at Curtis Orchard invites you with freshly baked apple cider donuts and pies, while Flying Monkey Cafe serves hearty, slow-cooked Italian beef with a side of au gratin potatoes. As the weather gets chilly, you can always rely on finding hot soup.

Deal's Orchard (Jefferson, Iowa)

Located in the heart of Jefferson, Iowa, Deal's Orchard is a slice of apple heaven. Frank Deal, the orchard's founder, kickstarted this family legacy in 1917, transforming his hobby into a thriving business. Now spanning five generations, the Deal family welcomes you with their warm hospitality.

If you love fruit, you'll find Deal's Orchard to be a paradise. With over 40 acres of apple trees that boast more than 25 unique varieties, there's something for everyone: whether you prefer tangy Honeycrisp or want a bite of nostalgic Red Delicious. And, don't forget to try their award-winning sweet cider.

At Deal's, you can get lost in a corn maze, jump on pillows, and glide down the giant slides, or join the annual Fall Festival. The family-friendly orchard also draws crowds with its pumpkin patches, lively music, and other flavorful surprises.

Carter Mountain Orchard (Charlottesville, Virginia)

In the charming town of Charlottesville, Virginia, you'll find the stunning Carter Mountain Orchard. With its breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and rows of lush trees, this orchard is a natural wonder, perfect for cider lovers and anyone seeking a sunset retreat.

The orchard is open year-round and offers something different each season. In spring, enjoy apple blossoms, while summer brings peaches, veggies, and ice cream. And as the autumn comes, you can finally pick your own apples or choose from the ready-picked selection.

The orchard also produces its own Virginia wine label, producing a selection of sauvignon blancs, rosés, and chardonnays, among others. And, if you fancy a visit to the Bold Rock Tap Room you may also be able to sample an excellent selection of artisanal hard ciders and seltzers.

Spicer Orchards (Fenton, Michigan)

Spicer Orchards in Fenton has been a family-owned and operated establishment for five generations. Spicers started their first farm near Detroit in the early 1920s, and after years of hard work, they relocated to the Hartland farm in 1967.

During the season, visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the orchards and handpick apples and berries. And, if you come here with the whole family, a corn maze, hayrides, and a pumpkin patch await.

The charming Victorian carriage house-inspired market building at Spicer Orchards provides a range of treats throughout the year. The farm is renowned for its delectable donuts, handcrafted fudge, and artisanal cheeses. In 2009, Spicer added a winery that has taken the orchards' reputation to new heights with an impressive selection of hard ciders, fruit wines, as well as a more classic take on the wine.

Johnson's Corner Farm (Medford, New Jersey)

Back in 1953, Bill Johnson sold wholesale sweet corn, but his wife, Betty, saw the potential in selling produce directly to the community. She set up a wagon at the corner of Church and Hartford Roads, which has since blossomed into a farm market. 70 years on, Johnson's Corner Farm is thriving and now includes a deli, bakery, and ice cream window.

The farm's orchards boast 10 different varieties of apples that blossom throughout the vast 100-acre property. You can pick your own apples from the fields, along with other fall delights like pumpkins, gourds, sweet potatoes, and even popcorn!

While at the Johnson's Corner Farm, check out the fantastic Discovery Barnyard and treat yourself to delicious chicken pot pies from the farmhouse menu. This might provide a nice respite while the little ones are having a blast in the playground.

Aamodt's Apple Farm (Stillwater, Minnesota)

The story of Aamodt Apple Farm started in 1948 with Thor and Lucille Aamodt's dream to grow apples. With the help of their son Tom, they made their dream a reality. Today, this beautiful orchard, run by the third and fourth generations of Aamodts, boasts over 6,000 apple trees spanning over 50 acres of land.

Aamodt applies sustainable practices on the farm by using fewer pesticides and allowing fallen apples to enrich the soil naturally. This means you can be sure you will taste naturally delicious apples whatever you pick.

The family also runs a bakery on-site where you can indulge in apple brats, homemade cookies, and the softest cinnamon donuts. Pair these delights with award-winning Minnesota wines from the winery, or savor the freshly pressed Thor's Hard Cider.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards (Parkdale, Oregon)

If you find yourself in Oregon, be sure to visit Kiyokawa Family Orchards in the Hood River Valley. The orchard has been around since 1911 and is now run by Randy, a third-generation Kiyokawa. This family-owned business has come a long way to become the largest U-Pick orchard in the Hood River Valley.

The Kiyokawa Orchard benefits from the fertile soils and the pristine glacier water cascading down Mt. Hood slopes. This unique environment hosts over 150 distinct fruit varieties, including an extensive number of apples, Asian pears, cherries, and stone fruits.

If you're in the mood for a fun family outing, take advantage of their U-Pick option to harvest apples, cherries, and pluerries (a hybrid of plums and cherries). Or you can enjoy a wide selection of pre-picked fruits, local honey, jams, and fresh cider at their marketplace.

Boa Vista Orchards (Placerville, California)

Boa Vista Orchards, located in Placerville, California, proudly carries on the Visman family's legacy. Carl Visman Sr. started by growing potatoes on the land and later expanded to plums, grapes, and pears. In the 1960s, apple trees were first introduced to the farm. Today, this orchard — almost 125 years old –  has become known for producing some of the best apples, Asian pears, and peaches in the country.

At Boa Vista Orchards, you can indulge in a fantastic selection of baked goods, including pies, donuts, and freshly made pastries. The cider mill presses fresh cider, and if you fancy a decent American meal, head to the BBQ Grill & Deli, which serves comforting burgers and hot dogs. And, don't forget to treat yourself to a wine tasting that runs daily!