What Ever Happened To Pizza Hut's Discontinued Triple Deckeroni?

Pizza Hut is one of the fast-food pioneers when it comes to pizza. They've got tons of tasty menu items, ranging from boneless wings to the fan-favorite Meat Lover's Pizza. However, while Pizza Hut has plenty of classic items on the menu that have stood the test of time, there are also plenty of items that have been eliminated from the chain restaurant's menu.

One such discontinued Pizza Hut item is the Triple Deckeroni. The Triple Deckeroni was a multi-layered pizza that was jam-packed with cheese, pepperoni, and any other pizza toppings that you saw fit to add.

However, while the pizza was popular during its heyday, its life on the Pizza Hut menu was pretty short-lived, with it being discontinued after just a few years. Here's what to know about this monstrous pizza, how it came about, and how it disappeared. Plus, here are a few other Pizza Hut pies that didn't wind up making the cut for the franchise's permanent menu.

How the Triple Deckeroni pizza was cooked up

The Triple Deckeroni pizza was first launched back in 1997. This pizza was thought to be a spin-off of the company's stuffed crust pizzas. The Triple Deckeroni was sort of like a pizza on top of a pizza. It featured a thin crust base loaded with cheese and meat and topped off with a second thin crust base. The second base with topped with whatever veggies and meats you felt like adding to your pizza.

After the 90s, however, the pizza disappeared completely from the pizza hut menu. Interestingly enough, no one seems to know the exact reason why it disappeared — perhaps sales weren't high enough or perhaps the pie's margins weren't good enough to justify keeping it on the menu.

While Pizza Hut determined the pizza to be unworthy of a place on its menu, fans didn't seem to agree. The pizza was so popular that a Facebook group was launched with the hopes of petitioning the company to bring back the pizza. To this day, however, it doesn't seem to have been a success as the Triple Deckeroni still has yet to return.

Other discontinued Pizza Hut items

The Triple Deckeroni isn't the only Pizza Hut pizza to have disappeared from the franchise's menus. There are plenty of other crazy pizzas that have come and gone over the years as well. One of these pizzas was a pie called The Insider, which like the Triple Deckeroni, earned itself a Facebook page in an attempt to bring it back to the menu. The Insider was actually pretty similar to the Triple Deckeroni, consisting of a thin layer of pizza dough topped with six cheeses and then layered with another thin crust, more cheese, and a single topping.

Another pizza that Pizza Hut got rid of was the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza. This pizza launched in 2015 and similar to the Cheesy Bites Pizza, had a pull-apart crust that was divided into various sections. However, instead of being full of cheese, this pizza crust was stuffed with mini hot dogs!

Pizza Hut also gave a shot at launching a pie called the Cheesey Bites Pizza. This pizza released in 2006 and the crust was divided into 28 different pull-apart sections that were stuffed with cheese. While the pizza didn't last for very long, it made a brief comeback in 2019. Still, it was once again taken off the Pizza Hut menu and is unlikely to reappear any time soon.