A Fan Favorite Pizza Hut Pizza Is Returning After Nearly 25 Years

In 1999, instead of gluing your eyes to an iPhone, you were likely keeping those peepers tied to a TV screen. And amidst commercials for Budweiser and Charmin, you may remember seeing a Pizza Hut ad that left your mouth watering. "Let's talk New York, let's talk big," was how this advertisement for Pizza Hut's now infamous Big New Yorker pizza began. The ad claimed the newly-debuted pie was a huge and authentically New York meal for "un-New York prices." But as delicious as it sounds, Pizza Hut eventually removed this popular item from its menu. However, Big New Yorker pizza lovers refused to quietly let the Hut put down its big apple-inspired pie.

Since its discontinuation, foodies across the internet have urged the chain to bring back the Big New Yorker pizza. In fact, some fast food fans, at least 3,475 of them, have gone as far as to petition for the lost pizza's return. But it seems social media accounts like Twitter's Bring back the Big New Yorker! can finally kick up their feet, enjoy a slice, and rest easy. Because after almost 25 years, Pizza Hut announced it will be selling the Big New Yorker once again. Here's what you need to know.

The Big New Yorker is back for a limited time

According to a press release from the company, Pizza Hut has seen the social media posts and, yes, even the petition and it has decided it's finally time to bring the Big New Yorker back to its menu. The pizza will officially return on February 1, although members of the Hut's rewards program will be able to enjoy the Big New Yorker as soon as January 31.

And if you don't remember all of the details about this decades-old pizza, here's a brief rundown. As Pizza Hut reports, the Big New Yorker is an extra large, 16-inch pizza featuring six "foldable" and "oversized" slices. Like real New York pizzas, this giant pie has a crispy crust and is topped with sweet marinara sauce and Parmesan oregano seasoning. And you'll be able to order a New York-sized pie of your own with original double pepperoni or a single choose-your-own topping for $13.99. As expected, additional toppings or cheese will cost extra.

While fans worked hard to get this cult classic back on the menu, Pizza Hut reports the Big New Yorker will only be available for a limited time. Though, hopefully, with a little luck, like the Hut's Valentine's Day heart-shaped pizzas, it will now come back every year for an ongoing seasonal run.