Insomnia Cookies Is Welcoming Students Back To Campus With A Sweet Deal

Insomnia Cookies is best-known for two things: its delicious selection of cookies and its late-night delivery. That combination makes it an ideal choices for college students — and it's reason the chain was founded in the first place. In honor of that demographic, Insomnia Cookies is rolling out some new deals. For starters, the bakery chain is introducing new limited-edition flavors to welcome everyone back to campus, students and teachers alike. And anyone who mentions Insomnia's back-to-school deal and presents a school ID can receive a free six-pack of classic cookies with a minimum $5 in-store purchase. 

It's hard to say no to warm cookies, but it's even harder to say no when they're free. And we're not just talking about one of them. We're talking about six free cookies. (As always, actual offerings vary per location, so check with your local store or the Insomnia Cookies website before you order.)

As for the new limited-time flavors, the first new cookie is a French toast classic for fans of cinnamon spice, brown sugar, and nutmeg. If you're partial to pancakes, the chain is also releasing a blueberry pancake ice cream featuring maple butter flavors, sugar cookie chunks, and a colorful swirl of blueberry jam. Next up is the vegan white chocolate cold brew classic. This offering features chocolate cookie dough mixed with cold brew and topped with white chocolate chips. The chain is also bringing back its beloved PB&J filled deluxe cookie, a warm peanut butter dough filled with grape jam.

More sweet deals from Insomnia Cookies

If you're looking for something to add to a college care package, two new deals are also available via nationwide shipping. For starters, there's the "best-in-class double-layer cookie cake." This dessert features two stacked six-inch cookie cakes covered in buttercream frosting and brownie bites. Also available is the "sweet semester 12-pack," which includes 12 of your student's favorite cookies in a "thinking of you" box.

Now, if you've got a craving for any one of these new sweets, Insomnia is still offering one last thing to sweeten the deal: free delivery. For the entire month of August, the bakery chain will have free delivery on any order over $15 with the code BACK2COOKIES. 

This limited-time deal ends promptly at 3:00 a.m. on Friday, September 1, so Insomnia cookies, here we crumb. (That way, we don't even have to try cooking in the dorm room.)