The Familiar Brand Behind Some Of Aldi's Chocolate Products

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A trip to Aldi can feel like embarking on a treasure hunt. Much like Costco, Aldi offers products crafted by reputable companies, albeit under different labels, ultimately passing on the savings to shoppers. Among the beloved gems are the Moser-Roth chocolate bars, which many connoisseurs assert rival some of the finest premium chocolate bars. Moser-Roth chocolates, available in bars, truffles, and other forms at Aldi, span from dark to milk, often incorporating diverse elements such as toffee and chili peppers. The chocolate bars' excellence can be traced to its manufacturer Storck, the same company responsible for creating favorites like Werther's Originals, Riesen, and Merci. Like Aldi, the company is headquartered in Germany. 

Storck has a long history — over 100 years — of producing chocolate and other confections that people love. The company prides itself on crafting quality confections distributed globally. All of the materials for the chocolates and other candies are stringently sourced and manufactured in Germany. 

What makes Moser-Roth good chocolate

While the German origin alone does not mean that Moser-Roth chocolate is top-notch, a quick look at some of the brand's labels reveals quite a bit about the products. If you know what to look for, you can get a basic idea of the quality. Lindt chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler offers some tips on finding the best chocolate. Two pieces of advice he offers are to ensure that the only fat used is cocoa butter and to avoid any artificial vanillin for dark chocolate bars. The ingredients for Moser-Roth's 85% dark chocolate bar don't list a secondary fat and use natural vanilla extract as a flavoring. 

Also, as with coffee, the source of the beans is essential. Many of the Moser-Roth chocolate bars are sourced from South American cocoa beans and then roasted in-house at Storck manufacturing plants before being processed for chocolate bars and truffles. The company is also dedicated to responsibly acquired materials, something that is important to Aldi, which states on its website that all of its store-brand chocolate bars are sustainably sourced. In addition, Storck prides itself on freshness, maintaining rigorous standards for packaging and sell-by dates.

Moser-Roth chocolate to try at Aldi

Moser-Roth also offers a diverse variety of bars and several different flavors and products that fans rave about. The dark collection features a 70% or 85% cocoa blend and a sea salt caramel flavor. You can also find milk chocolate bars that are plain or dotted with crunchy toffee. The flavored bars include a punch of heat from chili, cooling mint, or a sophisticated orange and almond variety. Of the bars, customers rave about the Toffee Crunch and the Dark Sea Salt varieties, calling them "fantastic" and "delicious." The truffles are also apparently a must-try, as people liken them to the much more expensive version from the Swiss chocolate company Lindt.

As always with Aldi products, what you see is what you get, and every product might not be available at your store. Your best bet is to head to Aldi weekly and see what you can find. Plus, around the holidays, keep an eye out for special candies that aren't made throughout the year, including creative advent calendars and chocolate bunnies for Easter.