Snapple Is Touring The US To Let Fans Try 33 Flavors Before They Buy

Per a press release shared with Daily Meal, Snapple is going all out this summer with Snapple Roadsip, a cross-country trek featuring 33 Snapple flavors and lots of surprises. Like any proper road trip, the Snapple Roadsip crew will be visiting different locales throughout the United States, only they'll be traveling in a modified Airstream RV tricked out to resemble a Kiwi Strawberry Snapple bottle. Upon arriving in select locations, fans of the beverages will get the chance to snag a complimentary bottle of their favorite flavor. They'll also be invited to partake in many other Snapple-centric activities.

The Roadsip road trip will get started in New York City, the birthplace of the iconic brand, on August 15 at the Oculus Plaza, an impressive architectural structure located in Lower Manhattan. From there, the Roadsip team will travel to Chicago's Congress Plaza on August 19, where visitors to Grant Park can partake in the festivities. The next and final stop will occur on August 27 at the Santa Monica Pier in California. Keep in mind that free beverages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this multi-city event.

What else to expect from Snapple Roadsip

When visiting a Roadsip pop-up in select cities, fans will be invited to play Facts for Flavors. This challenging trivia game is inspired by Snapple Real Facts, which are the interesting tidbits of information written on the underside of all Snapple caps. Those who answer questions correctly will leave with more than bragging rights, as they may also score some great prizes like wireless speakers, shoe charms, pool toys, and Hawaiian shirts. Snapple fans can also capture memories to last a lifetime by participating in branded photo opportunities.

If you're unable to make it to a Roadsip destination, you can try your hand at some trivia by visiting And whether you're attending Roadsip in person or just want to keep track of the festivities, you can do so by following along with the beverage brand on social media. Simply follow @Snapple on Instagram and TikTok to get all the latest news and information. If you do attend and want to share the fun with others, you can use the hashtag #SnappleRoadsip when posting about the pop-up experience. While summer may be winding down, the Snapple Roadsip tour is just getting started.