Where Is Junobie From Shark Tank Today?

Despite the predicated joy and excitement motherhood brings, being a new mom also involves becoming acclimated to an entirely new set of insurmountable changes, which includes sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and around-the-clock feedings. While most women might already know the best place to store milk in the fridge isn't near the door, they shouldn't need to wonder about the safety and effectiveness of their breast milk storage bags. This was precisely Nikeytha "Nickey" Ramsey's thinking when she created Junobie in 2019. Ramsey built her dreams from the ground up and turned her trials with poverty and instability into a successful career as a traveling speech pathologist and full-time working mother.

Junobie was invented out of need: Ramsey longed for a safer and more effective solution to one-use plastic breast milk storage bags. Junobie bags are made of 100% food-grade silicone, completely reusable, and withstand high heat exposure. While Ramsey used social media as a marketing tool and relied on the Purdue Foundry to support her business in the early years, she needed a way to increase Junobie's inventory and sales. While at the time of Junobie's "Shark Tank" debut, Ramsey's business had been projected to make $86,000 in year-to-date sales, you might specifically remember this mompreneur's hesitation on taking a deal less than her original goal.

What did the Sharks think of Junobie?

Nickey Ramsey took Junobie to "Shark Tank" on Season 13 Episode 15 in 2022, hoping to score $100,000 for 10% of her business. The judges were all impressed with her story and product, and while Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O'Leary opted out based on lack of interest, Barbara Corcoran and guest judge Emma Grede remained intrigued.

Before Corcoran could speak, Grede spoke up and offered Ramsey $100,000 but needed 25% of the Junobie business; Grede felt the company needed more help than Ramsey anticipated. To everyone's surprise, not only did Ramsey want to hear other offers before accepting Grede's proposal, but she countered Grede's offer twice, hoping to retain the funds without having to forgo more than 20% of her business. Beyond investing in Kahawa 1893 from Shark Tank, Grede struck a deal with Ramsey. Ramsey and Grede eventually landed on a communal agreement of $100,000 for 22.5% of the Junobie company. Did the solid investment from Grede aid in helping Ramsey secure the production she needed to grow her successful company?

Junobie after Shark Tank

Silicone bags are the secret to safely microwaving popcorn, but better yet prove to be a noteworthy and innovative solution to storing breast milk. Being a Black woman in the business industry, Nikeytha Ramsey felt supported and encouraged by investor Emma Grede from the beginning of their partnership. Not only did Grede breastfeed her own children, but she was committed to helping the Junobie company grow beyond the bounds of operating as a startup company. In May 2022, Ramsey confirmed to Purdue University that Grede has been able to offer herself and the other employees behind the Junobie company a "sense of mentorship on the business side of things."

Ramsey also posted publicly on her LinkedIn page in the summer of 2022, expressing gratitude to a handful of select people that have helped grow her business since the beginning, including members of the Purdue Foundry. She admitted her appearance on "Shark Tank" has led to the steady expansion of her successful breast milk storage company. Since her ABC debut beside her sustainable breast milk storage bags, Ramsey has been busy rolling out new and exciting products to grace her retail product line.

How has Junobie expanded since Shark Tank?

Since 2019 Ramsey has been hard at work growing her successful business to carry more than silicone storage bags. In 2021, Junobie announced the release of larger 10-ounce storage bags and 7-ounce silicone milk cups on social media. Not only can you store breast milk in these newer storage vessels, but you also can take your next tropical fruit smoothie on the go. Beyond these newer storage options, in 2022, the brand announced preorders on Instagram for a new battery-operated rechargeable temperature-controlled cup with the dual ability of heating and cooling that precious breast milk — or liquid gold as Ramsey calls it.

One click on the Junobie website proves Ramsey and her employees have been working hard to roll out new and successful products for breastfeeding mothers. You can now find a large assortment of silicone-based products on the Junobie website, including storage bags, 20-ounce milk boxes, food trays, cleaning brushes, and even lactation services in partnership with Milk Guide Lactation. With such a wide range of Junobie products in 2023, what's next for the company?

Junobie in 2023 and beyond

Indiana-based Junobie founder Nikeytha Ramsey was on a mission when she birthed her silicone breast milk storage business. Not only did this mompreneur have continual support and encouragement from her Purdue University family, but the deal she secured from investor Emma Grede on "Shark Tank" helped propel her profitable business toward future success. Besides continually rolling out new and exciting products, Junobie remains highly active on all social media platforms. The brand's Facebook and Instagram accounts are active with various examples showcasing the Junobie products in action and tips and tricks to make breastfeeding more accessible and more manageable while on the go.

Out of all the popular social media outlets, Junobie is the most active on TikTok. While the popularity of pancake cereal on TikTok doesn't seem surprising, Ramsey has gained significant followers on the popular video-based website and regularly updates the Junobie account. Nearly two months ago, Ramsey posted on her LinkedIn page that she was working with TikTok creatives and other "Shark Tank" businesses to gain further exposure. Junobie remains a successful business in 2023. In May 2023, MarketWatch even named it one of the leading silicone breast milk storage companies across all countries. The future continues to look promising for Ramsey and her lucrative business.