Maxwell House's Iced Latte With Foam Could Be An Instant Coffee Gamechanger

The popularity of the iced coffee market is undeniable with almost every brand having its own version of a cold brew coffee or iced latte. In fact, Starbucks' recently leaked fall menu is full of iced pumpkin and apple-flavored cold coffee drinks. It seems that all over the United States, everyone wants more cold coffee. Ready to get in on the game, Maxwell House Coffee, which hasn't added a new product to its lineup in 10 years, has announced the release of its new instant Iced Latte with Foam. However, unlike other brands, Maxwell House has brought something completely new and unique to the table which may be a game-changer in the instant coffee market.

Not only is Maxwell House's instant iced latte made with cold water, but it also guarantees coffee shop-style latte foam at the top of your glass after a few simple stirs. According to the coffee company, the goal of this product is to bring that delicious coffee shop flavor to your home "without the use of a café's specialized equipment," saving the consumer both time and money. This coffee product seems specifically designed for young people on the go who want great-tasting coffee that can be made quickly. In fact, according to CNBC, the Iced Latte with Foam is an important step in Maxwell House's attempt to reach a younger crowd and rebrand itself to stay relevant in a "more sophisticated" coffee market.

Where and how to get your instant Iced Latte with Foam

Maxwell House's Iced Latte with Foam is now available in grocery stores nationwide and comes in the three classic latte flavors of vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. However, when searching for this product in the store remember that you won't find it in the refrigerated section but instead in the instant coffee section along with the product's foamless cousins.

According to the company, a box of Maxwell House's Iced Latte with Foam instant coffee will cost $6.99 and include six individual packets. That works out to each cup of foamy iced latte costing roughly $1.16 — quite a bit cheaper than even a plain small iced latte from a coffee shop. According to Maxwell House, the product is also very easy to make, and to do so you "simply add the contents of an individual pouch to a glass, pour in iced water and stir to enjoy a delicious, café style latte." Whether Maxwell House's claims of ease are true still remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure, this new product will allow you to enjoy a cold latte for a fourth of the price of the coffee shop version.