What Exactly Is TikTok Ramen

If you think you know ramen, TikTok is here to change that. The noodle dish originated in Japan and is now a worldwide favorite. Ramen's defining features are the flavorful broth, thin noodles, and tasty toppings. With instant ramen readily available at nearly every grocery store, bodega, and quick mart, the classic comfort food is being flipped on its head by TikTok. Dubbed by many as "TikTok ramen," the dish utilizes just the instant ramen noodles, ditching the seasoning packet and even the broth.

It's hard to pinpoint who exactly created the social media version, but videos of people making and slurping TikTok ramen have racked up more than 10 billion views. According to one TikToker, making TikTok ramen couldn't be any easier. First, cook the noodles according to the package. To make the sauce, add butter to a pan. Then add 1 teaspoon of garlic, 2-3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Finally, mix in the ramen noodles and then top with garnishes, such as scallion. Voila, you now have the viral TikTok ramen.

How to elevate TikTok ramen

Although this particular recipe has been making waves on social media, you can customize the dish to your liking. The dry ramen dish may be reminiscent to some as mee or mie goreng — an Indonesian fried noodle dish — or Korean stir-fried ramen. Incorporate some mie goreng ingredients into your bowl of TikTok ramen: Cabbage, chicken, and egg offer an extra punch of flavors.

You can add ingredients typically used in lo mein, such as bell peppers and your choice of meat. Some TikTok creators share recipes adding everything bagel seasoning as a topping to their bowl. One particular TikToker certified the finished product as "yummy."


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Although TikTok ramen is not the traditional version people know, that doesn't mean you can't add ramen ingredients to make it a little more genuine. Add shiitake or wood ear mushrooms, fish cake, bean sprouts, corn, or seaweed. Despite TikTok ramen lacking broth, you can still incorporate broth-like flavors using miso sauce or paste.

Make a simpler TikTok ramen

If you want a more straightforward recipe, the social media platform has you covered. There is another version of TikTok ramen that uses minimal ingredients but still packs enormous flavors. A big plus is that the recipe doesn't waste any ingredients and uses the seasoning packet that comes with instant ramen.

To make this version, eggs will be the star of the dish. While the noodles are cooking, crack and whisk two eggs. Transfer the cooked noodles to a pan and add butter, garlic powder, and soy sauce. Next, pour the egg mixture into the pan. Finally, add the ramen seasoning packet. 

Several people offered their own tips in the comments when it comes to adding eggs to the TikTok ramen. One viewer suggested using soft-boiled eggs to add texture and viscosity to the dish. 

The beauty of social media recipes is that you can use them as a jumping-off point and create your own version. Who knows, it may go viral.