The 15 Best Burger Joints In Nashville, 2023 Edition

Nashville may be known for its barbecue, but there are also some epic burger joints in Tennessee's capital city. From classic all-American dive bar burgers to modern twists on a beloved favorite, you'll find burger restaurants across the city serving up the juiciest, tastiest, most delicious burgers around.

Whether your burger patty of choice is made from prime grass-fed beef, Wagyu, chicken, turkey, or beans, you're sure to find a hotspot in Nashville to tempt your taste buds and satiate your craving. With so many burger joints to choose from across the city, the only problem you'll have is deciding which one to try!

It's a dilemma indeed, but don't worry — we've rounded up 15 of our favorite burger bars in Nashville for 2023, in no particular order. There's something here to suit all tastes and budgets, from burger joints in East Nashville to Germantown's finest offerings. Want a side of fries with that?

1. Cafe Roze (East Nashville)

Classic, all-American burgers are where it's at at Cafe Roze. There might only be a couple of choices on the menu, but boy are they good ones. Aside from burgers the menu here is pretty extensive, but, let's face it, you're here for one reason, and one reason only.

You're in good company, too, as one Yelp reviewer said this is one of the best burgers they've ever had, while another reviewer echoed the sentiment, saying it's the best burger they've eaten in Nashville. High praise indeed.

The regular grass-fed burger with local cheddar, tomato, and lettuce is a popular choice, and you can choose from a wide menu of add-ons like bacon, egg, or avocado for just a few bucks extra. The standout here is the Smashburger, with Pinewood Farms grass-fed beef mustard-grilled patties, cheddar, house pickles, and special sauce. At around $16, it's a hearty burger that will completely satisfy your cravings.

2. The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden (East Nashville)

There are loads of reasons to recommend the Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden in East Nashville. First up, the huge beer garden with its plethora of picnic tables. Come after dark and enjoy the pretty overhead string lights that add a magical atmosphere. Next up, the soda shop! You can have a root beer float with your burger; happy days.

Keep it classic with the Pharmacy Burger with yellow cheddar, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and mustard, or try something different like the Stroganoff Burger with mushroom stroganoff bechamel, sour cream, caramelized onions, and Swiss cheese. If you're here for brunch, the Farm Burger is the perfect choice with country ham, Gifford's smoked bacon, maple mustard, and an over-easy egg.

With burgers running around $12 to $15 and a wide range of toppings to choose from, starting from around $0.50, like vegan mayo, pico de gallo, or pickle, you can enjoy as healthy or hearty a burger as you like. As well as beef, you can get turkey, chicken, black bean, or Impossible patties. 

One reviewer on Tripadvisor said, "A friend of mine recommended this restaurant if I wanted a really good burger — best burger I've ever had." We're in agreement.

3. Mother's Ruin (Germantown)

We're headed over to Germantown for our next recommendation: Mother's Ruin. It can get loud and buzzy here on the weekends, if that's your vibe, and it's a yummy spot for brunch. But you're really here for the burgers...

Get the double cheeseburger with aged cheddar, pickles, lettuce, and secret sauce, which comes with a side of Old Bay seasoned waffle fries with spicy ketchup and caramelized onion dip — you won't be disappointed. For a few bucks more, you can add extra cheddar, bacon, a fried egg, or avo to your heart's content.

Don't eat meat? The falafel burger here is a great choice, with spicy Harissa-y sauce, pickles, and lettuce. Oh, and did we mention the outstanding cocktail menu? Creatively named libations like Accidental Excellence with rum, lime, Aperol, apricot, and Orgeat or Big Deck Energy with tequila, lime, peach, grapefruit, and habanero are the perfect complement to your burger.

If that's not enough to tempt you, just take a look at the reviews! One Yelp reviewer said, "The burger execution was perfect. The patty had a really nice crust and exploded juices when I bit into it." See you there!

4. M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers (Various locations)

With a choice of three locations across the city and a vast burger menu, it's easy to see why "Nashville Lifestyles" named M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers one of their top 10 spots for burgers in the city. After all, has there ever been a better combo than juicy burgers and crisp, cold craft beer?

The burgers here are a step up from the usual offerings, with imaginative combos loaded with flavor. Try the Southern Belle, served on a sweet potato bun with crispy tobacco onions, pimento cheese, Duke's mayo, and Belle Meade Bourbon barbecue sauce. Or spice it up with the Sgt. Pepper Burger with habanero jack, serrano-bleu cheese, grilled jalapeño, chipotle ranch, onion, and tomato. One reviewer on Yelp recommended the Belgian burger, while a Tripadvisor reviewer said, "The burgers were fantastic. Some of the best in recent memory."

Burgers here come with a side of waffle fries or house chips, and for a couple of bucks extra, you can upgrade to sweet potato waffle fries, a side salad, or jalapeño slaw. Don't fancy beef? Sub an Impossible patty or opt for the Bakersfield Burger with a housemade turkey patty.

Wash everything down with a rotating choice of dozens of craft beers on tap, plus a wide range of bottles and cans. The cocktail menu has some interesting offerings, too, like the Housemade Mango Ranch Water with reposado tequila, Liquid Death Mango sparkling water, fresh lime, orange, and agave.

5. Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint (Germantown)

Great burgers are all about the quality of the beef, and Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint in Germantown uses 100% American Wagyu beef, so you can rest assured you're eating the very finest. The patties here may be classic, but the toppings are on the unusual side. 

Speaking of unusual, order up the Cobra Kai with cream cheese, jalapeño jelly, and pickled jalapeños. We like the sound of the Greg Bray with mac and cheese and Martin's BBQ potato chips. Or why not try the Elvis? With peanut butter, mayo, Applewood smoked bacon, and American cheese, you're going to leave Jack Brown's feeling absolutely stuffed, in the best possible way.

Don't forget to check out the daily specials, like Tuesday's Kung Fu Action Grip with sweet heat Asian slaw, smoked pork belly, and chili garlic mayo, or Wednesday's Popeye with house-made spinach-artichoke dip, pepper jack cheese, and fried onions. If you've any room left, finish off your meal with a deep-fried Oreo with powdered sugar for a real treat.

One Yelp reviewer said, "This was the best burger I've had in YEARS!!!" The sweet potato fries also come highly recommended, with one reviewer mentioning that they were cooked perfectly.

6. Burger Up (12 South)

Head for Burger Up in Nashville's 12 South district for an extensive burger menu — and come Sunday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. for Happy Hour. Opened in 2010, Burger Up ensures it sources its meat from sustainable, ethical sources. The restaurant doesn't take reservations, but you can use the Yelp Waitlist to see how busy it is and grab your place in line. 

There are plenty of patty choices here, from the usual offerings like beef, turkey, fried chicken, and bean burgers to bison. Toppings are imaginative, too: think truffle aioli and pimento cheese. A side of Burger Up's legendary sweet potato fries or tasty truffle fries is practically mandatory, and we're feeling the love for the fried mac and cheese bites too.

Reviewers mention the hot, fresh fries, soft buns, and excellent burgers. One Tripadvisor reviewer praised the burgers, saying, "The burger was delightfully delicious," and another reviewer commented on how tasty the sweet potato fries were.

7. Brown's Diner (Hillsboro Village)

Brown's Diner holds Nashville's oldest beer license, and this no-frills trailer-turned-diner is a pretty iconic place to eat in Hillsboro Village. It's been around a while, plating one of the city's favorite cheeseburgers since 1927, and prices here are amongst the most affordable around, with their famous cheeseburger only around $9.

We mentioned no frills, and that's exactly what you get at Brown's. Classic, all-American burgers cooked perfectly and served simply. The cheeseburger is the diner's most popular order, but it's also worth trying the Chili Cheeseburger with mustard, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion, smothered with Steve's spicy chili on a charpier bun. The chicken burger's pretty good too.

Sides are equally simple: French fries, potato chips, coleslaw, Hush Puppies, or grilled onions. When food tastes this good, why complicate it? Reviewers on Tripadvisor agree, with one reviewer saying, "The cheeseburger was juicy, cooked perfectly with a soft bun, and fantastic salty fries on the side."

8. Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint (Various locations)

BBQ or burger? Burger or BBQ? You no longer have to choose; you can get both at Martin's! The brisket burger here is a slow-cooked beef patty topped with American cheese, slow-smoked beef brisket, and Sweet Dixie BBQ sauce. Did somebody say yum?

One Yelp reviewer praised the burgers here, saying they have a "marvelously caramelized exterior with crispy edge while maintaining a juicy inside." Another reviewer mentioned the relaxed vibe, saying, "Is this place fancy? No. Is it delicious? Absolutely! You won't get fancy table service, though they bring you your food."

In the summer months, the beer garden at Martin's is the place to soak up the sun with beer and a burger. With heaters and a cover, you can even enjoy your burger here in the winter. Order at the counter, find your seat, and wait hungrily for your food to arrive. 

Don't fancy a burger? Martin's also serves a range of sandwiches, BBQ trays, smoked wings, and sides.

9. Fat Mo's (Melrose)

There's a reason why Mo Karimy has been grilling burgers here since the 90s: Fat Mo's burgers are epic! This family-owned joint serves up some of the biggest, juiciest, most delectable burgers in Nashville using 100% pure ground beef cooked fresh to order — and they're definitely not for the faint of heart. 

If you think you're up to the challenge, get the 27-ounce Super Deluxe with American cheese, bacon, mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickles, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, mushrooms, BBQ sauce, and jalapeños. Phew! Double down with a side of spicy fries or stuffed jalapeños for a few dollars more.

At around $13 for the biggest burger, it'd be easy to think prices at Fat Mo are expensive. Look a little more closely and you'll see there are options to suit all budgets — and appetites — with the Little Mo (¼ lb) burger starting at around $4. The menu's packed with other options, too, from chicken nuggets and hot wings to sandwiches and hot dogs.

Tripadvisor reviewers attest to the restaurant's popularity with locals, with one reviewer saying, "I've never met anyone who doesn't like a run to Fat Mo's." Another reviewer said this was Nashville's best burger and commented, "The burgers are so big you won't even need a side."

10. Bare Bones Butcher (The Nations)

What could be better than a burger prepared in a butcher shop? Come to Bare Bones Butcher in Nashville, and you'll find a no-frills traditional American burger. Simple, delicious, amazing!

Made with responsibly raised beef, this is a must for any burger aficionado. With two patties, house-made pickles, yellow mustard, Duke's mayo, and American cheese, there's nothing fancy here. The menu changes daily, but the burger is always in rotation and offers excellent value for money at around $12.

Alongside burgers, you'll find options like the bologna sandwich, pastrami melt, and Barbacoa Torta, chili braised short rib with carrot escabeche and salsa verde mayo. There's also a weekly-changing menu of special sandwiches and a rotating selection of crisp, cold draft beer.

Yelp reviews mention the fried potatoes and cheeseburger, with one reviewer calling the beef-fat fried potatoes "crispy and salty perfection." Another reviewer commented, "The cheeseburger is hands down the best burger I've ever had."

11. Dino's (East Nashville)

From a butcher shop to East Nashville's oldest dive bar. Dino's dates back to the 1970s and is a popular watering hole for locals — plus the neighborhood's go-to spot for a cheeseburger. With its cute retro interior, the bar hasn't changed much since its '70s inception, and you can be sure of simple, delicious, classic dive bar burgers at Dino's.

Dino's doesn't take reservations or call-in orders; just show up, order up at the bar, and enjoy. Grab a classic cheeseburger and a side of fries — the ones at Dino's are chunky with a crispy coating that's simply delicious.

The bar's no stranger to press coverage either, earning a well-deserved mention in Bon Appetit's three best burgers of 2017. Reviewers agree, with one Tripadvisor reviewer saying, "I eat a lot of burgers and I have eaten them all over the world but this burger was amazing. Probably top ten." Another reviewer was full of praise for the cheeseburger, saying, "The cheeseburger & fries was the absolute best I've had in so long."

12. Hugh-Baby's (East Nashville)

Another great spot for that burgers-or-BBQ dilemma that happens so often on a trip to Nashville, Hugh-Baby's offers up the same slow-smoked BBQ as sister restaurant Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint. 

Yup, this is pretty much a fast-food restaurant, but the difference here is the emphasis on quality, with patties ground fresh in-house every day. The restaurant also smokes all its own meat for its BBQ sandwiches.

Hugh-Baby's is open seven days a week for your burger cravings. Come on Fridays as it's the only day of the week to get the Slugburger with a deep-fried ground pork and soy grit patty, pickles, onions, and yellow mustard. Or give in to your burger-and-BBQ cravings with the BBQ burger: a cheeseburger topped with slow-smoked pulled pork, grilled onions, and BBQ sauce.

One of the best things about Hugh-Baby's? The prices. For such high-quality, delicious burgers, you'd expect to pay more, but prices are affordable. One Tripadvisor reviewer waxed lyrical about the BBQ burger, saying, "The BBQ burger is magnificent, with one of their glorious beef patties ground in-house daily, topped with the same smoked pulled pork you'll find at Martin's plus grilled onions, cheese, and barbecue sauce. Wow! It is every bit as good as it sounds!"

13. Redheaded Stranger (East Nashville)

Yes, Redheaded Stranger is technically a taco shop, but wait! Alongside the crunchwraps and burritos, this taco shop serves up some of the best burgers in East Nashville.

As you might expect from an eaterie specializing in Mexican food, there's no shortage of spice here. Try the Green Chile Cheeseburger, made with Bear Creek Beef and topped with chopped hatch chiles, American cheese, Gifford's bacon, and ranch, in a Martin's potato roll. At around $7, it's a pretty good deal — or you can double up for about $12. 

The spiced tater tots are one of Redheaded Stranger's most popular sides, with New Mexico chile salt and buttermilk ranch. They're incredibly moreish, so get a portion each, as you won't want to share.

Reviewers on Yelp are full of praise for the shop's burgers, with one reviewer saying, "The star of the show was absolutely the burger. SOOO good. Bacon on it piled high with sauce and two patties." Another reviewer commented, "Burger was excellent and spot on, I rate it as one of my top 5 burgers of all time."

14. Hopdoddy Burger Bar (Hillsboro Village)

If you're looking for a burger that's fresh and delicious and does good for the community, Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Hillsboro Village is a must. This burger joint focuses on the very freshest ingredients, grinding its own meat daily and making sauces and gluten-free buns from scratch. 

Order a Good Cause Burger with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, jalapeños, caffeinated BBQ sauce, Doddy Mayo, lettuce, and tomato, and a percentage of proceeds funds grants for local Nashville musicians. There are plenty of other options on the menu too, from chicken burgers to Beyond burgers and mushroom burgers.

The Specialty burgers menu has some interesting choices, like the Ahi Tuna burger with fresh ground sushi-grade tuna, nori chips, teriyaki, cucumber wasabi, mayo, and pickled ginger. Veggie options include the El Bandito Veggie with a black bean and corn patty topped with goat cheese, pesto, arugula, and avocado. The fries here are something else too. Choose from nine options including sweet potato, parmesan truffle, BBQ ranch, and hot honey and sage.

Reviewers on Yelp praise the gluten-free buns, with one reviewer commenting, "I have a wheat allergy and am used to GF buns that are flavorless and fall apart, but this one was the best I've ever had. It held together and was delicious. So much so, I went to ask the cook where they get them, and was told that they bake them fresh each morning."

15. Gabby's Burgers & Fries (Wedgewood-Houston)

Family-run Gabby's keeps things simple with classic all-American burgers and no frills. Order the Seamus, a single five-ounce grass-fed beef burger with your choice of American, Swiss, Pepper Jack, cheddar, or blue cheese. Double up with the Gabby burger if you're feeling extra hungry, or check out the rotating monthly specials.

Police, fire, and military can enjoy 20% off at Gabbys, and undiscounted burger prices start from around $13. There's also a kids menu for those aged seven and under, with a free drink included.

Alongside the classic beefburgers sits a menu of chicken burgers, hot dogs, and vegetarian or vegan options. The Coreen Burger — named after Gabby's mom — is made with black beans, brown rice, beets, and oats, topped with BBQ sauce and optional Swiss cheese.

One reviewer on Tripadvisor said, "Best burger I've had in over 30 years of visiting the USA. Juicy and flavourful with a really tasty bbq sauce." Other reviewers mentioned the friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, and variety of delicious sauces.