Air Fryer Liners Are The Simple Tool That Make Cleaning A Breeze

Who would guess that making countless appetizing air fryer recipes for everyday meals would result in such a tedious cleaning process? Air fryers have slowly grown in popularity since 2017, and with good reason. These convenient appliances give your favorite foods a crispy exterior without the extra oil, but the buck doesn't stop at French fries and roasted vegetables. You can make your favorite chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, and even perfectly cooked steak in an air fryer.

However, the mess often left at the bottom of your fryer basket post-mealtime is enough to reconsider cooking everything under the sun in this popular appliance. While the easiest method to clean your air fryer may be to give the removable fryer basket a hot soapy dip and scrub, you may be able to leave that protocol behind thanks to one simple product. You may have been too busy whipping up your favorite meals in this trendy appliance to notice the availability of air fryer liners at your nearest grocery store. Just as simple as parchment paper on a baking sheet, air fryer liners are very simple to use. 

Before we get into additional ways to streamline the cleaning process surrounding your air fryer, let's discuss the benefits of using air fryer liners as well as the different types of liners available.

The benefits of air fryer liners

If you're often busy making easy air fryer salmon and other tasty dishes, you may want to invest in a box or two of disposable air fryer liners. Most home chefs already know the benefits of using parchment paper for baking and roasting: With just a sheet or two, you can have homemade brownies, bread rolls, and roasted broccoli without having to clean your baking sheets. Parchment paper not only prevents sticking but is also 100% disposable and contains most residual cooking messes.

Air fryer liners work in the same way by containing the oil or crumbs from your cooking ventures. The best part is, no matter which type of air fryer you own, you have a variety of liners to choose from through online retailers, such as Amazon, or major brick-and-mortar superstores, such as Walmart. You can either buy flat sheets with small breathable holes for ventilation, or varieties with convenient rims that mirror an oversized cupcake liner. 

Most of the liners available through Amazon are microwave safe, come in multiple sizes, and hover around the $10 to $12 price range for packs of 100. Yet, for those of you who cook most of your meals in an air fryer, these liners may not feel like the most sustainable option. Luckily, you have a more viable, long-term solution to consider.

Are disposable liners the only easy way to keep your air fryer clean?

You may be making too many air fryer wings to justify the purchase of disposable air fryer liners. While parchment liners may be the easiest to use, as no cleaning is required, you can also purchase reusable silicone air fryer liners. Again, you have the luxury of choosing from many different sizes online, but more than that, silicone liners are easy to clean — most are dishwasher-safe. 

These sturdy yet malleable liners also have a thicker base when compared to parchment liners. Silicone ultimately protects the base of your fryer basket from scratches from tongs or spatulas. And because silicone liners are heavier, you don't have to worry about having them in your fryer basket while your air fryer preheats. This is ill-advised with paper liners, as the inner fan will blow the thin parchment liners around the chamber.

Regardless of which liner you choose, giving your air fryer a solid cleaning every now and then isn't a bad idea. If you rarely ever clean the inside of your air fryer and take the time to brush out leftover crumbs, this might affect the efficiency of your trusted appliance. Even with consistent use of silicone or paper liners, aim to deep clean your air fryer every now and then so you always achieve evenly cooked food.