Can You Cook Frozen Waffles In An Air Fryer?

The air fryer is one of the newest kitchen appliances on the market today, having only been introduced to the world back in 2010 by a man named Fred van der Weij. It comes decades after other small commonly used gadgets, like the microwave and toaster oven, but by 2017, it had taken the world by storm. And these days, it seems you can cook literally anything in an air fryer, as long as it's a solid food — including frozen waffles.

While you might be used to popping them in the toaster or flipping them under a broiler, frozen waffles are actually perfect for the air fryer, given that they crisp up quickly and are often small enough to cook several at once, depending on your air fryer's size. The beauty of the air fryer is how quickly it cooks because the heat rapidly encompasses the food. This means if you're in a rush for a quick breakfast or are itching for some waffles and ice cream for dessert, you'll never have to wait very long.

Frozen waffles cook perfectly in an air fryer

Frozen waffles, such as Eggo brand, are quite thin; they don't take long to cook. Toasting them allows the heat to hit both sides, crisping them up in just a few minutes. But if you're looking for a new way to cook them or have just become so obsessed with your air fryer that you want to cook every single dish in it, don't hesitate to pop those waffles in that tabletop convection oven.

Air fryers cook convection style, meaning the heat circulates around the food. This is why you see holes in air fryer plates and why there is always space underneath the plate. You never place food directly on the bottom of the air fryer because the air wouldn't be able to circulate and give the dish the desired crispy exterior.

To cook frozen waffles in the air fryer, simply place the waffles on the air fryer grate, then cook them for just a few minutes until they reach your desired crispness and toast level. Most air fryers have a standard setting somewhere around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so you might not even need to change the temperature. But if it's your first time cooking waffles from frozen, start with only a couple of minutes, then check them to make sure they don't burn.

How to take your frozen waffles up a notch

You can get your waffles nice and toasty in the air fryer and eat them as is, or you can add some butter and syrup. But those aren't the only two ways to eat a frozen waffle. If you're looking to utilize that air fryer even more, try making s'mores waffle sandwiches. Take two frozen waffles, and place each one in the air fryer; let them toast for a couple of minutes. Then, open the air fryer and place mini marshmallows on top of one waffle and chocolate in the center of the other, and toast them another two minutes. Turn the waffle into a sandwich, and enjoy.

You can also toast up the waffles and make a breakfast sandwich out of them. While eggs should be cooked in a pan because they'll run through the air fryer's holes, you can still crisp up breakfast meats like bacon in the fryer to make a quick and easy bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich using two toasted waffles.