The McBassett: How To Order McDonald's Caffeinated Ice Cream Concoction

Calling all caffeine and ice cream lovers! If you've previously tried and loved affogatos, there's a hidden gem you should know about that you won't find on any McDonald's menu: the McBassett. This mouth-watering concoction is all over TikTok, with creators reporting that all you need to whip up the delicious mixture is a McDonald's iced black coffee and vanilla soft-serve ice cream. Combining the icy goodness of chilled coffee and the rich sweetness of ice cream. 

The bitter flavor of the coffee complements the sweetness of the ice cream, making for a unique and satisfying treat. It's also not the first-ever instance of creamy iced coffee to exist. The McBassett gets its name from the iced coffee menu item of popular South Korean coffee brand Paul Bassett (more on that later).

While the McBassett might not be a secret item per se (like McDonald's grilled cheese is), it certainly feels like one. Ordering two separate items and combining them yourself is a bit more involved than just asking for a specific sandwich or drink, but in truth, it's easy to perfect your McBassett-making skills. Are you ready to step outside of the traditional McDonald's menu so you can cool down and stay caffeinated?

Making a McBassett

Making a McBassett really is as simple as heading on over to your nearest McDonald's, ordering a black iced coffee and a vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone, and dunking the cone in your drink (maybe take a sip first to make some room). Because the vanilla ice cream already contains lots of sugar, you don't need to order cream or additional sugar, but if you want to boost the flavor, you can ask for a French vanilla or caramel iced coffee.


I think I like it better than their flavored iced coffees #mcdonalds

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With the two items in hand, make like a content creator and twist and jiggle the cone around in the coffee a bit to ensure a smooth mixture of the ice cream and beverage. Once the frozen dessert has been thoroughly stirred, garnish your drink with the remainder of the cone — ice cream and all — and you're ready for an Insta-worthy shot.

But what if you're in the mood for a homemade version of the McBassett? Making a McDonald's-inspired iced coffee at home is easier than you may think. You can brew your favorite strong cup of coffee and let it cool before adding milk and your favorite flavorings (vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut are all great options), or you can buy McCafe coffee direct from the Grimace Shake makers. Then, simply turn store-bought ice cream into soft serve by whisking it vigorously and then follow the same swirl-and-tilt technique with your cone for a perfect McBassett.

The origins of the McBassett

This caffeinated ice cream concoction is a riff on the ice cream latte, a dessert drink popularized by the famous South Korean coffee shop Paul Bassett (the brand now has stores in Japan, too). The decadent delight has been a staple for Korean caffeine lovers for years, but for many, access to the original treat has remained a distant dream. 

That's what makes the McBassett so special, as it's a clever reimagination of the ice cream latte that allows coffee enthusiasts worldwide to indulge in the creamy goodness of this unconventional hybrid. With the McBassett, you can cream up any iced coffee with a scoop of silky ice cream and play around with flavors. Feeling adventurous? Add a shot of espresso for an extra kick. Want to switch up the flavor profile? Swap out the vanilla ice cream for an ice cream flavor you never see on the menu or something nuanced like green tea or banana.

Regardless of how you mix it, if you like frozen coffee treats, consider skipping your regular iced coffee and give the McBassett a try. It's a heck of a lot less expensive than booking a ticket to South Korea for a taste of the official ice cream latte (although that'd be fun, too).