The Fruity Summer Dessert That Has Everyone Searching Costco

It isn't summer without some frozen dessert to help cool you off from the scorching sun. Lounging under a palm tree on a private island with tropical fruit is a summer dream for many. You can make part of that dream come true with this popular summer dessert from Costco.

Island Way Sorbet is currently having a moment among Costco shoppers. The sorbets have been gaining traction on social media, most notably on TikTok, with people sharing videos of them buying and eating the frozen treats. Videos about the sorbets have garnered more than 115 million views.

To the dismay of many shoppers, the sorbets are typically only available at Costco during the spring and summer seasons — according to Island Way Sorbet – unless you live in the Northeast and Southeast regions, where Costco should carry the sorbet year-round.

What makes Island Way Sorbet unique is that their sorbets are tucked inside actual fruit shells and peels, making them not only visually appealing, but eco-friendly, as well. Currently, Costco sells a 12-pack box featuring four flavors: Heavenly Coconut; Red Berry and Ruby Grapefruit; Passionate Mango; and Zesty Pomegranate.

The sorbets evoke nostalgia and tropical vacay vibes

Not only is seeing Island Way Sorbet in your local Costco a welcome sign of summer, but the dessert also evokes waves of nostalgia for many Costco shoppers. The sorbet has lit CostcoTok ablaze, with many TikTok users noting these sorbets remind them of their childhood.


These are incredible!

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According to a TikTok video, the fruit sorbets cost $14.99 for a pack of 12. However, prices vary depending on location. A few people in the comments mentioned they saw the sorbets being sold for $10.99 or even as low as under 8 dollars.

People are also hyping up Island Way Sorbet for the physical shell sorbet packaging and fruity, tropical flavors. For one TikTok user, the coconut sorbet, which comes in a coconut shell, reminds them of being on a vacation on an island. "Every time I close my eyes to take a bite I thought I was on a tropical island," they said in a video.

Are the sorbets vegan?

Sorbets are traditionally made with simple syrup and fruit puree or juice. These ingredients create a light dessert that is suitable for vegans or those with dairy allergies. These aren't to be confused with sherbets, which are frozen fruit desserts with milk or cream added to them. However, assuming that Island Way Sorbet's sorbets are vegan would be inaccurate, even though its name inherently implies that they would be. These sorbets aren't totally dairy free — which begs the question...are they actually a sherbet?

While the sorbet flavors found at Costco do contain fruit concentrate, they all contain dairy as well. Red berry and ruby grapefruit, passionate mango, and zesty pomegranate all have cream listed in their ingredients. Heavenly Coconut contains cream, as well as skim milk powder. Other flavors not sold in the 12-pack have dairy in them, as well. As unique as the sorbets are, those who can't consume dairy need to stay clear of the delicious, yet slightly misleading desserts.