13 Tragic and Unfortunate Food Deaths

The Daily Meal dishes on the 13 most tragic food and drink related deaths of all time

The Daily Meal found a some of the most disastrous food deaths in recent history.

Home cooks, chefs, food factory workers, and even competitive eaters aren’t immune to sticky situations that arise in the kitchen, on factory floors, and beyond. While examples of kitchen injuries are seemingly ubiquitous and surmountable, these extreme scenarios have all proven to be tragic and unfortunate.

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What at first glance may seem like urban legends, the men and women in these stories truly found themselves in the most uncompromising food situations, much more grotesque and disastrous than any mind could imagine.

From exploding moonshine laboratories to deadly Coca-Cola addictions, The Daily Meal has compiled a list of 13 of the most tragic and unfortunate food deaths from around the world.

These catastrophic stories could easily haunt the pages of any Halloween story or Brother’s Grimm nursery rhyme; think Hanzel and Gretel and the witch that almost cooked them alive, but these are all real tragic and unfortunate food deaths.

If you are like us, the next time you hear the uttered phrase, ‘death by chocolate’ we know that you’ll think twice.


Sean Flynn is a Junior Writer at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @BuffaloFlynn.