13 Tragic and Unfortunate Food Deaths Slideshow

Teen Dies During Hot Dog Eating Contest (San Pedro, Calif.)
Soup Worker Cooked (Lübeck, Germany)
Death by Chocolate (Camden, N.J.)
Moonshine Fire (Lincolnshire, U.K.)
‘Popcorn Lung Disease’ Death (Sioux City, Iowa)
Worker Dies in Dough Mixer (Singapore)
Caffeine Addiction Leads to Mom’s Death (Wellington, New Zealand)
Two Men Toasted in Oven (Leicester, Eng.)
Man Commits Suicide in Whisky Tank (Dufftown, Scotland)
Keg Explosion Kills Worker (Portsmouth, N.H.)
Pinto Bean Pile Kills Man (Brush, Colo.)
Meat Grinder Kills Man (Lawton, Okla.)
Marathon Runner Dies of Water Intoxication (London, England)