13 Gross Foods For Haunted Houses

Halloween is the one time of year where grossing out friends and family with spiderweb cupcakes, worm-studded treats, and kitty litter cake is encouraged. If you've ever been "sliced" with a shard of glass — with a sharp-edged ice cube, or a chunk of candy glass, of course — then you know the kinds of tricks that are admissible. 

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If not, try it for yourself this year. Turn off the lights, and have your "victim" roll up their sleeve. Then complete the experience with a dribble of "blood" for an authentic experience right out of a horror movie. Or instead, opt for another one of these gross tricks you can play with food.

Whether you're hosting a haunted house, adding some tricks to your trick-or-treating toolbox, or are looking to add a stomach-churning effect to a Halloween cocktail or dinner party, serve something disgusting to delight your guests, like witches' boogers or werewolf hairballs. Mmm, delicious. Or assemble a series of touch boxes made of a shoebox lined with large plastic baggies or garbage bags. Fill the bags with a vile substance, be it warlock vomit or the hearts of pets, then have each visitor to your house of horrors stick their hand inside and guess what it is.

Sticking your hand in a bowl of cold, slimy spaghetti — or, guts, as you might hear on Halloween — is a bit too predictable, for some (especially if you did it last year). This year, up the ante and invite guests into your lair for an evening of gruesome gastronomic delights. Guide them, blindfolded, through a series of bowls and boxes filled with ears, thumbs, and the like. Then before the night is over, surprise them with a wolf kiss — a stroke on the cheek with a sliced dill pickle — and a spoonful of brain.


This article was originally published October 18, 2011