22 Truly Gourmet Foods You Can Buy At Costco

When you think about shopping at Costco, your mind probably goes to bulk packages of paper goods, huge boxes of snacks, large quantities of meats and cheeses, and other similar items. While Costco certainly does carry all of those items at wholesale prices, you may be surprised to find out that the chain also sells several truly gourmet food items. 

That's right, the next time you shop at Costco in-store or online, you could purchase some lobster tails, Japanese Wagyu beef, or caviar right alongside the three dozen eggs, 12 rolls of paper towels, and a 10-pound bag of flour in your cart. In true Costco fashion, many of these gourmet items they sell come in large quantities, so make sure you're ready to stock up.

Intrigued? Do you want to learn more about these gourmet food items available from Costco? Keep reading, as we explore how the wholesale club can help you get a taste of the good life, or assist you in preparing for an upscale event you're hosting.

1. Caviar

If you're planning a large and high-end event, then you may be interested in Costco's 35.2-ounce tin of Plaza Osetra Caviar. This sturgeon caviar is sourced in Bulgaria. It is dark black to dark brown in color. Each tin offers 30 to 50 servings and should be consumed within 72 hours of opening, so it is definitely best to save for a large event. 

In addition to the delicate caviar, each tin also comes with two mother-of-pearl spoons for a more elegant serving. Make sure to check your bank balance before making a purchase, though. The 35.2-ounce tin costs around $1,300. That works out to around $36 per ounce. Though, that's still a good idea when you consider that Caviar often costs at least $40 per ounce.

2. Lobster tails

lobster tail is another gourmet item that you can find at Costco. There are actually a few different varieties available, including a 12-count pack of lobster tails from the brand Coast Seafood. The tails ship frozen to maintain their freshness. Each one weighs between 6 and 8 ounces. These lobster tails are sustainably sourced in the Atlantic Ocean between Maine and Canada. 

Once they arrive, you can thaw them in the refrigerator and then broil them, grill them, steam them, or prepare them following your favorite method. The 12 lobster tails will cost you $229.99 (including shipping). This works out to $19.17 each, which isn't really all that bad for lobster tails.

3. Japanese Wagyu tenderloin beef

Wagyu, which comes from a Japanese breed of cattle, is seen as a true delicacy. The beef from these cows has more marbling, making it highly tender and utterly delectable. If you want to try your hand at cooking a five-star meal, you can pick up a 6-pound Japanese Wagyu tenderloin roast from Costco. 

The A5-grade roast is imported from Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture and even comes with a certificate of authenticity. Free next-day air shipping is included with your purchase to make sure the cut of meat arrives promptly and safely. Just be ready with that wallet, again. While a standard beef tenderloin roast may cost up to $30 per pound, this Wagyu Tenderloin roast costs $166.67 per pound, making it about five and a half times more expensive.

4. A Parmigiano Reggiano wheel

If you're a cheese connoisseur — and enjoy eating a lot of it — then you might be interested in purchasing this wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese from Costco. 

Made from fresh milk in Italy's Parma and Reggio Emilio provinces, the cheese is aged for at least 24 months before being ready to sell. Shred it over your favorite pasta dish, use it to top a pizza, make your own sauce with it, serve it on a charcuterie tray, and more. By more, we mean a lot more. Each wheel of Parmesan Reggiano cheese weighs 72 pounds, so you'll want to have several uses ready to go.

5. Alaskan king crab legs

Alaskan king crab legs can be a real treat. Whether you're thinking about serving them at your next get-together or simply want to enjoy them for yourself, you might find that this 10-pound package from Costco fits the bill. 

Each package includes between 20 and 24 wild-caught, sustainable Golden king crab legs and claws from the waters surrounding the Aleutian Islands. The crab legs arrive fully cooked and frozen, so they just need to thaw to be ready to eat or to add to your favorite recipes, such as crab cakes or seafood pasta. The $499 retail price includes UPS second day air shipping.

6. Japanese Wagyu bacon-wrapped cubes

Here's another Japanese Wagyu gourmet item from Costco. Only this item combines the tenderness and deliciousness of Wagyu with bacon for a real treat. The crisp bacon covering the melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu will leave you searching for the right word to describe the truly impressive flavor and texture combination. 

The Japanese Wagyu is imported from Japan and also includes a certificate of authenticity. Each package comes with three trays, each with 16 bacon-wrapped Wagyu cubes. You can cook the cubes in the oven or sear them over high heat to prepare them for your family or special event.

7. Fully-cooked roasted duck half

If you enjoy eating duck, but can't ever seem to find it to enjoy at home, you're in luck. Costco sells a pack of fully-cooked roasted duck halves that will help you feel like you're eating in a 5-star restaurant when sitting at your own dining room table. Each 7-pound package includes eight White Pekin duck halves, each with an orange sauce packet to enhance their flavor. 

The ducks are humanely raised without any growth hormones, and there are no artificial ingredients in the fully-cooked ducks. Once the ducks arrive and thaw, all you'll need to do to get them ready to enjoy is to heat them up in the oven.

8. Charcuterie and cheese board

Creating attractive appetizers for an event can be a challenge. With this charcuterie and cheese board from Costco, you will have one less thing to worry about. The board ships fully arranged and ready to display and serve on a large wooden board. 

It includes six trays of artisan meats and cheese, crackers, dried fruits, olives, nuts, jam, and chocolates, offering something each guest is certain to enjoy. Not only is everything delicious, but the various colors make it a beautiful addition to your appetizer table. Serving accessories, including bamboo fork pickers, bamboo tongs, and mini bamboo spreaders, also come with the assembled board.

9. Organic whole bean coffee

Who says a good cup of coffee can't be gourmet? Surely no one who has tasted the Parisi Artisan Coffee available at Costco. This medium-roast coffee has hints of sweetness reminiscent of milk chocolate, honeysuckle, and almonds. 

If you try this coffee, you'll find that it is very smooth and only slightly acidic, the perfect combination for a morning cup of joe or an afternoon pick-me-up. The whole bean coffee is imported from Bolivia. It has also been certified organic by the USDA. Parisi roasts it in small batches to preserve quality and flavor. Each package costs $36.99 for two 2-pound bags.

10. New York cheesecake

Get a taste of New York delivered straight to your door with this pack of two New York Cheesecakes from the famous Ferrara Bakery. Each 8-inch cheesecake features a traditional graham cracker crust, topped with the perfect blend of Philadelphia brand cream cheese and sour cream. 

Each cake can serve between 10 and 12 people, giving you up to 24 slices between the two cheesecakes. Ferrara Bakery — which has been in business for over 100 years — believes in baking in small batches to guarantee the freshness and taste of each item they make. The two cakes cost $89, which includes shipping and handling.

11. Bacon-wrapped scallops

Bacon-wrapped scallops offer the best of both worlds: a tender and flavorful scallop covered with crispy and hot bacon. What's not to love? Costco sells a 6-pound package of bacon-wrapped scallops (75 total) for $169.99, giving you the chance to enjoy the incredible combination of flavors and textures in your own home. 

The scallops included in the pack are hand-shucked immediately after being removed from the sea and then promptly frozen to ensure the highest quality. No chemicals are added to them, offering you the most delicious treat to eat. The bacon-wrapped scallops ship frozen and uncooked, so you'll just need to let them thaw and cook them before enjoying them.

12. Jumbo lump crab cakes

The jumbo lump crab cakes available for purchase on Costco's website come to you from the famous Rastelli Market in New Jersey. Each package includes 20 4-ounce crab cakes made with real jumbo lump crab meat. The pack ships frozen, and each crab cake is individually vacuum sealed to maintain freshness. 

Depending on your preferred cooking method, you may not even need to defrost them before cooking. When baking in the oven, Rastelli recommends starting with a frozen crab cake. If sautéing, it is best to thaw the crab cake before cooking, however. Once cooked how you prefer, bite in and taste how incredible they truly are.

13. Gourmet chocolate cake

No truly gourmet meal is complete without a gourmet dessert. May we suggest this decadent chocolate cake from David's Cookies? This Costco item offers four split layers of chocolate cake with a milk chocolate mousse filling. A chocolate ganache frosting covers the entire cake, along with pieces of dark chocolate bark. 

It truly is a chocoholic's dream cake. The cake has a 10-inch diameter and weighs 7.2 pounds. It serves 14 people, with pre-cut slices to eliminate the hassle of cutting into the deep chocolate layers. The cake costs $59.99, which includes shipping via UPS second day air.

14. Lamb racks

If you're trying to decide what to serve for a fancy dinner party, your guests are sure to be impressed with an Australian lamb rack. You can get four D'Artagnan Frenched lamb racks from Costco for just $199.99. That works out to just about $50 each, which isn't a bad deal considering how delicious and attractive they are. 

These lamb racks come from 100% free-range and grass-fed lambs humanely raised in Victoria, Australia. The meat offers a good source of lean protein, along with other key nutrients. But, your dinner guests are probably going to be most impressed by how incredible it tastes.

15. Bison sirloin steaks

Bison meat has an incredible taste and serves as a healthier alternative to beef. Not only does it have fewer calories and saturated fat, but bison meat is also a better source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and several other micronutrients, according to WebMD. If you've tried this gourmet food and love it or are looking to try it for the first time, Costco can help you out. 

They sell a pack of 10 bison sirloin steaks for only $149.99. That means you're only paying about $15 for each steak. The bison steaks come from free-range raised bison that were fed a healthy and natural diet without any added hormones. To ensure optimal taste and tenderness, the steaks are aged for 21 days before being sold.

16. Sea cucumber

Costco sells a 7-pound pack of frozen sea cucumbers from the brand Alaska Home. These wild sea cucumbers are selected by experienced divers. Once picked and brought to the dock, the meat and skins are separated to freeze separately. This set includes a 5-pound bag of frozen sea cucumber skins and a 2-pound bag of sea cucumber meat. 

If you haven't tried sea cucumbers before, you should know that they have been enjoyed as part of Chinese cuisine for centuries. Medical uses have been discovered for their bioactive compounds. But beyond that, they are often served at special celebrations, rather than being enjoyed every day. But, with this pack from Costco, you have the option to eat or cook with the sea cucumber skins and meat how you see fit, though the $45.71 price per pound may discourage you from making them a daily treat.

17. Sesame crusted ahi tuna steaks

Treat yourself to these sesame-crusted ahi tuna steaks available at Costco. For $269.99, you'll receive a total of 18 trays, each with two steaks that are ready to cook and enjoy. Because of how the steaks are packaged, it is easy to only defrost and cook a few at a time, leaving the rest frozen until they are wanted. 

The steaks are boneless and skinless and feature a flavorful sesame crust. Ahi tuna is high in protein and can pair nicely with various other meals. Consider adding them to a salad, grilling and serving them alongside a sweet potato and vegetable, or adding them to a poke bowl.

18. Filet mignon, sea scallops, and gourmet steak burgers pack

Why buy one gourmet food from Costco when you can get three? The Chicago Steak Company's pack of filet mignon, sea scallops, and gourmet steak burgers is certain to delight your palate. The four 6-ounce filet mignon burgers in the set have each been aged at least four weeks to deliver optimal flavor and texture. 

The set also includes 1.5 pounds of dry-pack sea scallops — meaning they were not soaked with any chemical additives to ensure the freshest taste. Eight gourmet steak burgers from Midwestern corn-fed beef round out the pack. This pack is perfect for a surf and turf dinner, or if you're looking to create several meals from the various components. Each set is packaged in a black and gold gift box, making it an attractive gift idea as well.

19. Smoked New Zealand king salmon

Smoked salmon can be used in many different ways. You can add it to your morning eggs, use it to top a bagel, mix it in wight pasta, upgrade your deviled eggs, and so much more. If you love smoked salmon and want to find new ways to enjoy it, then you're going to want to try the Regal New Zealand King Salmon Manuka Wood Smoked Salmon packs from Costco. 

The set includes two 1.1-pound pouches of premium smoked salmon cured with sea salt and brown sugar. The salmon is pre-sliced, so you can easily add it to your favorite meals. It ships frozen, and each pack should be consumed within 30 days of thawing.

20. Godiva chocolate gift box

Who doesn't love gourmet chocolate? Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for someone special or want to treat yourself to gourmet chocolates, you can't go wrong with Godiva. 

This 36-piece assorted chocolate gift box from the Godiva Gold Collection is available online through Costco for $49.99. The set includes a mix of different fillings and flavors including two dark mint medallions (dark chocolate shell with mint filling), two Lady Godivas (dark chocolate shell with white chocolate ganache and vanilla), one caramel embrace (chocolate caramel center covered with dark chocolate), and one raspberry star (white chocolate-covered raspberry purée).

21. Greek saffron

Saffron is a gourmet spice that comes from the crocus sativus flower. Today, it is grown in different parts of the world, though it was first found and grown in Greece. You can purchase a 14-gram jar of Greek saffron from Costco for $79.99. The jar is filled with hand-selected, full-length threads ready for you to add to all of your favorite Mediterranean, Indian, Moroccan, or Iranian dishes. 

Pacific Saffron's products are analyzed for content to ensure their quality and authenticity. If you've never cooked with saffron before, it can transform your recipes, giving them a hint of sweetness and a highly refined flavor.

22. Prosciutto di Parma

This Prosciutto di Parma available from Costco is another one of the best gourmet foods available through the club. The prosciutto — which comes from the hind legs of heritage breed pigs — is dry-cured for at least 14 months in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. 

No preservatives are used during the curing process; the dry and sweet mountain air is all that is needed. This curing process leaves the meat shelf stable for shipping, but it should still be refrigerated after it arrives to maintain freshness and taste. Each order includes at least 14.7 pounds of boneless prosciutto ready to slice and add to sandwiches, pastas, quiches, salads, charcuterie trays, and more.