How Mashed Potatoes In Martini Glasses Became A Thing At Weddings

A loaded mashed potato bar might sound like something befitting for a Fourth of July backyard barbecue or a potluck party. Instead, the build-your-own model has become a popular wedding appetizer, often served alongside cocktail hours during wedding receptions. And, to make the dish a little fancier and suitable for a wedding celebration, many couples started having the potatoes served inside martini glasses.

According to an Eater article, the trend may have newfound fame thanks to social media, but it has existed since the '90s. "The mashed potato martini bar was a staple food experience for a long time," said John D'Arcangelo, managing director of the Abigail Kirsch catering company, "...because it brings together elements of surprise, glamour, and guest interaction."

The appetizer's popularity may be thanks to the fact that it allows guests to start with a simple base and add as many toppings as they want — keeping guests entertained and fed while waiting for the main course. This is a great way to allow guests to interact with their food while waiting for the rest of the festivities.

And it seems that wedding planners took note. While this may have previously been a novelty appetizer at a select few weddings, mashed potatoes served in martini glasses are now offered through plenty of catering companies.

The trend has popped up on social media

Some wedding guests have taken to TikTok to share the trend. One user posted a video that shows a server scooping hot mashed potatoes into a martini glass, then handing it off to a guest for personalization.


Mashed potato martini bar... why isn't this more of a thing?!?! #wedding #weddingideas #maywedding #mashedpotatoes

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The novelty of the build-your-own appetizer allows guests to be guaranteed a dish customized to their preferences. While the bride and groom may select the offerings available to everyone — butter, bacon bits, sliced green onions, cheese, and chili, to name a few popular choices — guests can carry their glass over and add on anything they choose.

Plus, potatoes are a great choice to serve alongside cocktails. Eating potatoes before or while drinking alcohol can reduce your chances of waking up with a hangover the following day. The fiber found in the potatoes can cause the alcohol to absorb slower, so you aren't drinking on an empty stomach.

The appetizer can help your wallet, too

The dish is a great way to keep catering costs down, too. Mashed potatoes are a relatively inexpensive food to prepare. And, since servers won't need to spend time prepping every individual plate of potatoes with all the toppings, the waitstaff will thank you.

"We would hear clients say [food offerings] like these were talked about for weeks," D'Arcangelo told Eater. The author of the Eater article, Jaya Saxena, shared that she first saw the appetizer at a 2010 wedding and discussed it with people present and friends after the fact.

If you're looking for an easy way to keep your wedding guests simultaneously entertained and fed, a mashed potato bar may just be the hit of your party. And although adding the potatoes to a plate may be the easiest way to serve them, scooping some into a martini glass can add a little bit of elegance to an otherwise simple dish.