Papa Murphy's Cookie Dough Is Being Investigated For Salmonella Contamination

Two products manufactured by Papa Murphy's are linked to a salmonella outbreak across six states, as reported by CNN. The products in question are the raw chocolate chip cookie and S'mores bar doughs, both of which are intended to be baked before consuming, per Papa Murphy's. Of the people exhibiting symptoms of salmonella, nine said they consumed one of those Papa Murphy's products raw. However, one person still experienced symptoms after the dough was baked in the manner intended. Additionally, two people affected by the outbreak did not consume any Papa Murphy's products, but they are still linked to these concerning events. After learning of the issue, Papa Murphy's has ceased selling the affected doughs on a temporary basis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) go into further detail about the recent outbreak. An official recall has not been launched, as the investigation is still ongoing. So far, 18 people have fallen ill, two of which have needed hospitalization for their salmonella symptoms. As of now, it's not totally clear which ingredient in these products is causing illness. However, the C.D.C. is urging consumers to take the right steps if they have certain Papa Murphy's products in their home.

What to do if you have potentially contaminated products

The salmonella outbreak was first reported in Washington State, according to Food Safety News, and that was followed by emerging cases in Oregon. A salmonella infection causes symptoms like stomach cramps and diarrhea. The effects can be most severe in certain people, such as kids under five and adults over 65. People with compromised immune systems can also experience more severe effects.

Because of the potential risk, the C.D.C. urges anyone who's eaten the possibly contaminated products to seek medical attention if they experience diarrhea for longer than three days or if that symptom is accompanied by a fever higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The C.D.C. also recommends that consumers check their homes for possibly contaminated products. Any packages should be discarded immediately, regardless of whether the food has already been partially consumed without apparent issue. Consumers should also wash any containers or objects that came into contact with the dough as a safety precaution. And when it comes to raw dough products, those should always be prepared according to the instructions on the label to reduce the risk of food poisoning.