Kraft Singles' Signature Packaging Just Got A Total Revamp

If you ever used Kraft Singles to make grilled cheese, you probably understand the struggle of taking out and opening the slices of cheese. In fact, it's the number-one complaint the brand has received from consumers. But soon, it may be easier to take the cheese out of the wrapper without tearing it apart. Kraft Singles' packaging is getting a revamp, according to a press release obtained by Daily Meal.

Parent company Kraft Heinz is rolling out a package rebrand for its popular Kraft Singles products — Swiss, American, and 2% milk American — this year. The redesign will also be seen in its new ultra-thin and extra-thick American cheese products. The new packaging features a darker blue packaging with a slightly redesigned "Singles" text, along with prominent images of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Most notable, though, are the redesigned wrappers the individual slices of cheese come in. Each wrapper will now include a textured flap to make it easier to find and open individual cheese slices. The package also includes a new "made with real dairy," phrase replacing its previous "always made with milk" graphic.

The redesign aims to attract a younger consumer base

This is the first major packaging makeover from Kraft Singles since 2018. After seeing sales growth doubled for the first time in more than five years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kraft Singles have struggled to keep up the momentum. The latest redesign comes as the brand aims to target millennials and Gen Z through its marketing, according to AdAge. Recently, the company released a cartoon rap battle and teamed up with rapper Kelis to create a promotional single.

The packaging revamp is emphasizing on "comfort and convenience," according to CNN Business. "Among some, there is a general perception that processed cheese singles are artificial and don't taste all that good. Kraft Singles also don't connect all that well with younger demographics," GlobalData Retail's retail analyst and managing director Neil Saunders said to CNN. 

The brand is banking on its redesign to attract more consumers as Kraft Singles have divided consumers over taste and packaging, especially on social media.