The Game-Changing Hack For Flipping Eggs Without Breaking Yolks

Get away from the spatula, and don't even think about trying to flip your eggs with a spoon again. This game-changing hack could very well change your life. In an effort to eliminate those gloomy mornings of broken yolks, this smart trick, courtesy of TikToker @mealsandmuchies, involves using a saucepan lid to carefully flip those orangey orbs intact and give you the perfect fried egg every time.

Yes, TikTok, the place of origin of many genius (and infamous) trending hacks, has sprouted another eye-catching trick, but this time it might be onto something. No need for any funky tools — you only need your saucepan lid, so you really have no excuse not to try it. This hack doesn't necessarily just apply to chicken eggs either, so you could always try it with some eggs you didn't even realize you could eat. Say goodbye to broken yolks and let's get flipping.

Flip the eggs, not the bird

Splitting open a yolk as you break your egg into a pan is soul-destroying, so make sure you keep that yolk intact before even getting to the flipping part. As your glorious eggs begin to sizzle, lightly coat a saucepan lid in non-stick oil or butter. This is where you'll move your eggs, and you don't want them to get stuck to your lid. You can tell your eggs are ready to be flipped when they start to glide freely in the pan.


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Next, slip your eggs onto the greased-up lid and get ready to flip. The lid acts as a giant spatula, making it easier to have the whole egg in your grasp before flipping it over. If you're using a smaller frying pan, you can always turn it over and connect the lid (with eggs on) to the upside-down frying pan, reducing the risk of eggs flying off somewhere. It's also a simple way to cook and flip multiple eggs at the same time.

A less strenuous kind of flip

If flipping with a lid feels like a no-no, then you can always try a less strenuous trick. When cooking your eggy beauties, pour a little water into the pan. Once the egg starts to sizzle, cover the egg with a small lid for about a minute. Due to the steaming-like process, this will give you soft, gooey eggs that have a completely cooked soft surface.

One handy pointer to remember is that fresh eggs, with their stronger proteins, always result in a neater shape and a wonderful round body if you prefer them that way. It's also important to remember the risks runny eggs may pose to children. If you are worried about this, you can always make a less-runny fried egg. You can lid-steam the egg for longer until it looks hard-cooked, or even cook until crispy on both sides with the flip technique.