Have No Fear: Here's How To Eat Star Fruit Like A Pro

Strange-looking food can always be a little intimidating. How will it taste? Can I eat it raw? How will it affect me? These serious questions can cross your mind as soon as you spot an unfamiliar or peculiar-shaped food. Well, don't be scared to try something new when it comes to star fruit. In fact, overlooking something new could be a common mistake you're making when buying fresh produce.

Commonly grown in the Philippines, China, and India, star fruit may be a mystery to you. But since it has been cultivated in Florida for the past 100 years, it may explain why you've spotted it at your local grocery store. In season in the United States between June and February, this curious, ridge-shaped fruit is delicious and full of vitamins. It's time to quell that apprehension and venture outside the box. The moment has arrived to master the skill of eating star fruit and enjoy it to the fullest.

Start counting stars

Also known as Carambola, star fruit is an oval shape with five deep ridges. Once ripe, this fruit is bright yellow, sometimes with an orange hue. It has a taste reminiscent of a green grape and ripe pear combined with a hint of citrus similar to an orange. Crunchy in texture, star fruit is juicy and moreish, and its sweet and sour elements can vary depending on ripeness. An unripe starfruit will be greenish, meaning it could taste seriously bitter, so make sure it's good to go before you grab the knife.

Eating this exotic beauty is simple. Always wash your star fruit first (your grocery store produce could be a lot dirtier than you think). Then start by slicing the top and tail off the fruit. If the ridges of the starfruit feel particularly firm, you can carefully remove the top of each ridge. Cut into slices as thick or thin as you prefer, and remove the small white seeds (unless you like a crunch). Now you can admire the wonderful star shape and take that magnificent first bite.

Wishing on a star fruit

Now that you've tasted this raw fruit in all its glory, you can explore other ways to enjoy it. Star fruit works incredibly well in smoothies. Blended with mango and strawberries, you don't only get a deliciously tropical beverage but a vegan and paleo friendly one too! This fruit also works well as a purée in cocktails, especially when the tart flavors are blended with a spirit like tequila. Bonus: it'll also make a stunning garnish!

If you want to experiment further, MasterClass recommends cooking it into a chutney with peppers and limes that pairs well with fish and seafood. If you can't wait for your star fruit to ripen, spice it up with fresh chilies for an alternative spin on a mango chutney. It's slightly sourer than mango but pairs well with various breads. Now that you've read how to eat star fruit like a pro in multiple forms, it's time to stop being scared of those weird-looking fruits. If you're feeling braver, why not try another uncommon fruit like Yuzu? It's another fruit that'll open your eyes to the wide world of fruits.