It Saddens Us To Say That Aldi Is Cheaper In The UK Than In America

If you ask the average Aldi shopper in the U.S. what they love best about the establishment, the ultra-low prices are bound to be a factor in their satisfaction. And while it's definitely true that American Aldi customers can expect many great deals, without sacrificing the quality they demand when it comes to home staples, these locations don't fare as well in the bargains department when compared to other parts of the world. Take the UK, which is home to nearly 1,000 Aldi stores, where shoppers enjoy far greater deals than their U.S. counterparts.

Despite the location, Aldi takes lots of steps to keep prices manageable, from shopping cart rentals to reusable bags. These steps greatly reduce the high overhead that plagues other grocery stores, which is why budget-minded shoppers prefer Aldi. However, price disparities between different countries simply can't be helped, which means that UK shoppers can usually find less expensive merchandise as compared with customers in the U.S.

You can't beat Aldi prices in the UK

Insider decided to get to the bottom of price differences at Aldi locations in the U.S. and the UK. Two reporters visited far-flung Aldi locations this past February to determine which country offered the best deals. Keep in mind that both locations offered substantial deals to shoppers despite variances, especially when compared to other supermarkets.

The Aldi stores visited are located in West London and the Bronx neighborhood of New York City, respectively. Shoppers focused on grocery staples like meat, dairy products, eggs, and other goods. If you have a hankering for chicken breast fillets, the West London Aldi has a 1.4-pound pack at a price point of £4.49, which is equal to $5.60 in the States. In the Bronx location, a three-pack of fillets is priced at $11.13, which translates to $3.99 per pound. It should be said that the fillets at the American Aldi are larger, which partially explains the difference in price. However, the price disparities continue as the shoppers look for more essential grocery staples.

Eggs? In this economy?

Egg prices in America are a hot-button topic thanks to food inflation. Per CBS News, the cost of eggs remains elevated in the country due to an outbreak of bird flu, although prices finally appear to be on the wane. In the UK, Aldi shoppers can pick up a 15-pack of free-range eggs for just £2.29 or $2.90. There were also smaller packs available that were equally affordable, such as a six-pack of medium eggs for only £1.29 or $1.60.

Back in the Bronx, Aldi customers should prepare themselves for sticker shock when shopping for eggs. At the U.S. Aldi, a 12-pack of grade-A eggs are priced at $3.79. Not only do Americans get fewer eggs for more money, but this selection also lacks the free-range designation (free-range chickens expend more energy roaming, which means they eat more, which makes their eggs more expensive). While Americans don't enjoy the same great prices as shoppers in the UK, Aldi is still an excellent selection when you want to stretch your grocery bill further.