The Genius Way To Use The Leftover Chip Crumbs At The Bottom Of The Bag

Chip crumbs may feel like the bane of your existence when you're snacking, but they no longer have to be. You might eat those tiny pieces of chips that have been crushed at the bottom of each bag, but they're probably not all that satisfying. The good news, though, is that you can put chip crumbs to good use when you season other meals.

The next time you encounter chip crumbs and don't feel like eating them, store them for the next time you'd like to add a little seasoning to your food. While it may sound odd to season your food with chips, try putting your chips in the grinders that you use for seasonings to repurpose them into a delightful accompaniment to your dinner instead of a disappointing snack. All you have to do is grind up those crumbs and you're good to go. You may never have thought to turn chips into seasoning, but this "chip seasoning" hack makes it easy to spice up your life in a brand new way.

How to make the most of the chip seasoning hack

Putting chips in your seasoning grinder may sound pretty straightforward, but there's an important process to help you make the most of this hack. If you "hack" your leftover chips correctly, you'll end up with a chip consistency that makes for top-notch seasoning for meat, side dishes, and vegetables alike.

The first, most important step is to empty your grinder. Make sure that you have a place to store your salt or pepper before you use this hack. That way, while you may end up with some salt or pepper remnants (which could add some great flavor to your chips), you'll have room for as much chip deliciousness as possible. Another key step is to make sure that the chip crumbs you include are as small as possible. Crush them up a bit before adding them to the grinder if necessary — you want to maximize the amount of chips you can fit inside. Once you've gotten the original seasoning out of your grinder and crushed up the chips, you'll have the tastiest Cheeto or Dorito (or whatever your favorite chip may be) seasoning for your food.

Other ways to use leftover chip crumbs

Using chip crumbs as seasoning is pretty creative, but it's far from the only use of those pesky leftover crumbs. Whether you have potato chips, tortilla chips, or flavored chips on hand, you'll be able to transform their crumbs into delicious meals.

Chips are actually one of the most versatile ingredients to add into your favorite dishes. You can use potato chip crumbs for a more neutral-flavored crunch element on your chicken or pasta, or even get adventurous with a Cheeto or Dorito "breading" on your meats. Even Flamin' Hot Cheetos can be a mouthwatering coating for chicken or mac and cheese as long as you can handle the heat. Unsurprisingly, tortilla chip crumbs are a prime addition to Mexican- or Southwestern-inspired salads, but did you know that they can also amp up black bean burgers? Yup, they help to hold the patty together. Indeed, potato chips are incredibly useful in adding texture to baked goods, as well as more savory dishes. They can give cookies a satisfying crunch and even combine well with chocolate and nuts to provide a textural contrast to your homemade candy. No matter which type of chips you enjoy, you'll be able to repurpose their crumbs in exciting, new ways.