Walker's Shortbread Is Gearing Up For King Charles' Coronation With Limited-Edition Cookie Tins

Shortbread is a distinctly Scottish baked good that gets its name from a traditional recipe, which consists of two portions of butter to one portion of sugar. The result is a cookie (or biscuit if you hail from Britain) that offers a delectable texture and buttery flavor that has been a staple of Scottish culinary culture for centuries. Like shortbread itself, Walker's Shortbread is a name that's synonymous with all things Scottish.

The company got its start way back in 1898, when founder Joseph Walker opened his first bakery with the goal of creating "The World's Finest Shortbread," according to the Walker's Shortbread website. Over its impressive 125-year run, Walker's Shortbread has been witness to numerous historical milestones. As a result, it stands to reason that the company would want to pay tribute to the upcoming royal coronation, which is a major event in Britain. To honor the new king, Walker's Shortbread is offering hotly anticipated limited-edition releases to customers. And based on the initial response, these releases are bound to become collector's items in no time at all.

A royal occasion calls for equally regal cookies

In anticipation of King Charles III's May coronation, Walker's Shortbread is releasing two separate commemorative cookie tins, as reported by Cision PR Newswire. The Royal Deeside Coronation Limited Edition Tin showcases a royal portrait of His Majesty during his attendance at the Highland Games, an important cultural occasion in Scotland that features a series of sporting events and celebrations. This tin contains an assortment of shortbread cookies (Thistles, Triangles, Rounds, Fingers, and Hearts) and retails for $22.99 (or £10 in Britain itself).

There's also The Westminster Coronation Limited Edition Tin, which features a photograph of King Charles III celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Cadet Force, a youth organization backed by the British Army. Retailing for $29.99 (£14 in the United Kingdom), this tin offers a singular selection consisting of 24 Union Jack Shortbreads to honor the auspicious occasion.

To show how the monarchy brings the entire kingdom together, each tin will be graced with the national flowers of all the countries that comprise Britain: The English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Northern Irish shamrock, and the lovely Welsh daffodil. This is also a reference to King Charles' historic commitment to the environment. Further, each tin will have the mark of the official Royal Warrant, awarded by the Queen in 2017.

These commemorative tins uphold Walker's long history of honoring the British Royal family. Coronation tins are on sale now, but supplies are limited, so anglophiles are encouraged to act fast if they want to own a part of history.