Wendy's Is Getting Astrological With New Mercury In Retrograde Deals

Several times each year, the planet Mercury works a little magic, appearing to be moving backward as it orbits. While it isn't orbiting in a reverse motion, the illusion has been named "Mercury retrograde."

Mercury in retrograde lasts for about three weeks each time it occurs. Because the planet is associated with communication, some believe that during the period in which it appears to be orbiting backward, communication is disrupted on Earth, causing frustration and confusion.

The next Mercury retrograde begins on April 21 and lasts until May 14. Some astrological experts suggest preparing for the period that they say could cause anything from travel delays to misunderstandings with family and friends by planning ahead and exercising patience. Wendy's, however, has a different recommendation — indulge in comfort food. And they're going to help you do it with some specials on some of the most popular menu items on their special Mercury Menu.

What's on the Mercury Menu?

Starting on Friday, April 21, Wendy's mobile app users will be able to access Mercury retrograde deals (as long as Mercury in retrograde doesn't affect their devices, presumably). Users can use BOGO sandwiches, free fries, and more to ease their minds and fill their bellies.

For the first weekend, April 21 – 23, mobile app users can kick off their combat against Mercury in retrograde with a BOGO $1 premium sandwich deal. Then, Wendy's Mercury Menu will feature a free crispy chicken sandwich for the last week of April. During the first week of May, app users can find solace in crispy or spicy chicken nuggets. Finally, Wendy's will offer free fries to conclude the astrological event.

All of the deals on Wendy's Mercury Menu are available with purchase. It seems like a good time to find comfort in a cup with a chocolate or vanilla Frosty.