Finally, Big Mac Sauce Is Getting Its Own Spot On The McDonald's Menu

Most fast-food establishments guard their "secret sauce" recipes carefully to ensure they remain shrouded in intrigue. McDonald's is no exception, as the chain's legendary Big Mac sauce has been the subject of debate since it first debuted in 1968 alongside the Big Mac.

CNBC reports that in 2017, when McDonald's released 10,000 bottles of Big Mac sauce for sale, eBay resellers listed the product at $100 per bottle. Some were even charging as much as $10,000 and $100,000 for the stuff (although it doesn't appear that those sales were ever completed). These days, fans of all things McDonald's can take heart knowing their favorite sauce is about to become a lot more accessible: McDonald's will soon begin providing it in dipping cup form.

Of course, we know the basic ingredient list for Big Mac sauce, which includes sweet relish, distilled vinegar, soybean oil, egg yolks, and assorted spices. (We also know that it's not simply gussied-up Thousand Island dressing, as many people claim, because it doesn't contain ketchup.) However, these disclosures have no impact on the ardent love so many have for McDonald's famous proprietary condiment.

Big Mac sauce dip cups are now a thing

As McDonald's explained in an April 19 press release, Big Mac sauce fans are about to get what they've always wanted: special sauce on demand. On April 27, participating McDonald's locations throughout the U.S. will begin supplying Big Mac sauce dip cups. 

Dip cups will be free to customers ordering Chicken McNuggets, but you can also request special sauce on the side with any other order, from fries to Big Macs to Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. However, only customers who place orders on the McDonald's app will get the dip cups.

While McDonald's fans are thrilled by the news that they can now get their fill of Big Mac sauce, the dip cups won't be available forever — the chain is only releasing a limited supply. And while you can always try to replicate McDonald's special sauce recipe at home, the social media furor surrounding the restaurant's announcement shows that there's nothing like the genuine article.